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Christ Tabor Missions: in every home we passed, people shared a little about their reality

BRAZIL, JUMAS Santa María, via

On 6-14 January, twenty-eight boys of the Boys’ Group from the southern region, gathered to go on mission for the second time to Coronel Bicaco, in the diocese of Frederico Westphalen. We began the first mission with great enthusiasm close to Tabor, Door of Heaven Shrine in Frederioco.

In the southern region for the first time, we divided the missionaries into two communities: Reinisch and Engling. The first visit seemed to be a great challenge having one community with fifteen and another with thirteen missionaries, however, trusting in the MTA, we reaped abundant fruits from the big step we took. After the beginning, attachments grew rapidly within each community and a space opened for the many experiences that marked each person’s life.

Gabriel Grasel, from Santa María, commented: “It was my first Mission. I had an incredible experience in discovering that the residents of the city were extremely welcoming, sharing their stories and also for the Boys’ Group community, where the atmosphere was very relaxed; I made several friendships.”


Since it was the second year in this city, several residents were waiting for our visit, they had even prepared Mate. There was enormous participation in the children’s workshop. At the youth workshop, there was a group of youths from the parish, the CLI, who one night invited us to give a testimony at their weekly meeting. Youth night provided a time for the community to interact with the missionaries, to the sounds of the traditional song, Alegretens [Rejoice], and also in attending a play about St. Anthony prepared by the missionaries.

As missionaries, we had the opportunity to unveil the upcoming activities for St. Anthony Parish’s Golden Jubilee, a time of celebration and great joy for all of Coronel Bicaco’s people. The celebration was on 22 January, a week after the missionaries departed.

Felipe Heckler, from Santo Ángelo, gave his testimony: “In every home we passed, people shared a little bit about their reality, and we grew as persons by putting ourselves in another’s place.”

Encouraged by the motto – With Mary, Missionary Generation, Christ or Nothing – the southern region renewed their spirit for this year of intense activities, carrying out apostolic zeal in every Branch.


Original: portuguese, 06.02.2017. Translation: Celina M. Garza, San Antonio, TX USA Edited: Melissa Peña-Janknegt, Elgin, TX

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