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How I experienced the “Talita Kum” Missions

ARGENTINA, Estela Rodríguez •

On 8 November, I read an article about our beloved “Talita Kum” Youth Missions on this website. I am from Corrientes, a beautiful province in northeastern Argentina, very close to the end of the world (as Pope Francis expressed). It is a place that loves Mary in spirit and soul. I want to share my testimony with you about the blessings we received at that mission in Caá Catí, 126 km from my city. Truly Divine Providence was very greatly at work.

A year ago, a friend from the Girls’ Youth invited me to go on mission, and I went with more fear than certainty. I have known the Blessed Mother all my life; I had a very Schoenstatt religious training, but I did not know the Movement existed. When I arrived at Caá Catí for the first time, I knew my heart was wholesome, free from everything that would prevent me from being happy. Songs, dances, games, prayers and feeling as a family; it was my first youth mission.


I could not deny my YES to the Queen

This year I went on mission again, but in the Chaco province, a neighboring province of Corrientes. It was another incredible experience; it was very powerful. I could no longer continue to say no to her. She is the Queen of my heart, and I dared not to shout it. I abandoned myself to her immense love and since then, the road is not easier but less lonely.

In April, they invited me to be part of the organizational team for the Talita Kum Mission, and I was immensely happy. I knew that I would return to that town that gave birth to my “missionary being.”

Obstacles arose again, but we never forgot that she is the Great Missionary, and she works indescribable miracles. Moreover the mission was a success.


Upon returning home with a heart full of mercy

Today one week after returning home, my heart is full, happy knowing that so much effort, giving of self and struggle made other people happy. Our favorite capital of grace was the hearts that discovered Mary and who have us as instruments. We are that Cyrenaic who accompanied Jesus in silence. We want to be merciful; day-by-day, Mary looks at us with merciful eyes. Caá is already my second city.

With a profound desire that the “Talita Kum” Youth Missions continue to fuel the fire of the Holy Spirit in the youth from Corrientes, I bid farewell with a brief reflection:

“Life will never be simple, but if you are with Christ and his beautiful Mother at your side, nothing will be impossible.” Going on mission gave me the grace to meet many people, to visit many homes, including a hospital. To go on mission is to be a bearer of joy and mercy; to be servants and disciples of the Master.

“Servants of Mary, we trust in your Mercy.”


Original: Spanish. Translation: Celina M. Garza, San Antonio, TX USA . Edited: Melissa Peña-Janknegt, Elgin, TX USA

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