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Barueri Christ Tabor Missions: Christ or nothing!

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With Mary, Missionary generation: Christ or Nothing! With this noble and inspiring motto, forty-nine members of the JUMAS Southeast Boys’ Youth departed on mission from 14-22 January, to the city of Barueri/SP. Two communities trained in the Matriz de Santa Cruz Parish, St. Jude and St. Catherine’s, with very enthusiastic missionaries, with great missionary zeal, and a willingness to overcome any difficulty for love of the Mother of God and their fellow man.

The missions began on Saturday, 14 January, in the Sion de Jaragua Shrine where the Boys’ Youth gathered to carry out the pre-mission, preparing the spirit and the attitude for the coming week. In the afternoon, they were sent to Barueri, where the Pilgrim Mother Campaign’s missionaries welcomed them.

The following day, they began to visit homes, talking, praying, and sharing God’s and the Church’s love, thus being Mary’s feet and Christ’s face to everyone. Moreover they carried out workshops daily with the city’s children, youths and adults, with a different subject daily related to the message transmitted followed by the Rosary and Holy Mass.

Transformed by the missionaries’ presence

Holy Cross Parish and its communities, as well as St. Jude which was also missioned – consist of very lively people full of activities, one of its characteristics is the great acceptance and of being receptive to the visits and talks. Many residents gave testimony about the importance and the beauty of Jumas’ missionary work, saying that the community especially the youths and children, were transformed by the missionaries’ presence.

It was a very intense week, involving a great deal of giving of self, sacrifice, prayer, and trust in Divine Providence. It is worth highlighting that since the preparation of the missions until the return trip home, there were many surprises including something that even placed the mission at risk. Because of this, besides the life examples and shared experiences, the greatest lesson learned was that God loves us and he surprises us. One must allow oneself to be surprised by him and completely trust in his plans of love and happiness for us.

These missions will surely be a great impetus and strength for Jumas this year.



Original: Portuguese. Translation: Celina M. Garza, San Antonio, TX USA. Edited: Melissa Peña-Janknegt, Elgin, TX USA

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