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P. Juan Pablo Catoggio, Superior Generalof the Institute of the Schoenstatt Fathers.  An article in the series: What does the Year of Mercy mean? • God, what is your name? That is the question Moses asked God before the burning bush (Exodus 3:1-8,13-15). God is the central theme today, the central theme of today’s liturgy (Third Sunday of Lent). This time of Lent is a time of conversion. Often, we think that conversion is a radical change – profound and life changing – that demands decision, purposes, efforts. And weRead More
GERMANY, by Maria Fischer • With the joyous smile of a child at Christmas he held out a photo in the flickering light of an open logwood fire. It showed his meeting with the man he has portrayed in bronze for many years. “I don’t just have his photo”, he said reflectively, “I actually met him myself”. It was noticeable how he emphasised the word “met”, and you realised he was relating more than a fleeting encounter. It was late afternoon in Spring and the end of a long andRead More
From Archbishop em. Robert Zollitsch DD, Freiburg, for – a contribution to the series: What does the Holy Year of Mercy mean? • On 13 March 2013 Francis was elected Pope. On Sunday 17 March he prayed the Sunday Angelus on St Peter’s Square for the first time. On that occasion he told the people, “In these days I read a book by a good theologian, a really good theologian, Cardinal Walter Kasper. The book did me so much good, so much good. Cardinal Kasper said that everything changesRead More
VENEZUELA, José Alejandro Molano • My name is José Alejandro, I am training as an Augustinian Recollect, and I am writing to you from Venezuela. It is a great joy for me to tell you about the affection and devotion that I feel for the person of the Servant of God, Father Joseph Kentenich. Two years ago, shortly before I began my religious training, my spiritual director showed him to me as an example, with the aim of giving me an example of loyalty to the Lord Jesus. Since thatRead More
From Fr Antonio Cosp, Tuparenda, Paraguay/Editors • As a reader of this website you know the rich life the collaborators of collect week after week. This amazing life would remain hidden from many if we didn’t have this website, which characterises itself with a certain pride as “MTA reloaded”. Here we can discover what Fr Kentenich thought about communication, and what he did about it. MTA reloaded MTA reloaded: This refers to the MTA magazine that celebrated its centenary on 5 March. A few weeks after Schoenstatt’s foundationRead More
GERMANY, by Maria Fischer • The coincidence is powerful: A few hours earlier the news was broadcast through the media that the route through the Balkans had been closed, the borders had been sealed, and refugees were standing in the open in the rain and cold. A few days previously Pope Francis had said at “America’s Lampedusa”, the deadly fence separating Mexico and the USA, “We cannot deny the humanitarian crisis which in recent years has meant migration for thousands of people, whether by train or highway or on foot,Read More
Francis week by week (5) • This week’s quotation is from the Holy Father’s Mass in the fairgrounds of Ciudad Juárez, just 80 metres from the United States border on 17 February 2016. (Full text) This week, let us read and listen to the message to the Mexicans as if spoken to us, a Movement that with holy pride experiences the grace of inner transformation in its shrines and in its missionary, educational and pastoral actions, works for the transformation of men and society “from within.” Acting as living shrines,Read More
URUGUAY, by Laura Voituret and Matías Cerviño • We invite you to learn about the work the Schoenstatt Movement carries out at Providencia Educational Center (Montevideo, Uruguay), a place the Blessed Mother chose to transform hearts. Learn first-hand what happens there and join by collaborating with this project. In 1994, Providencia emerged as a current of life born from the Shrine in the country where the First Daughter Shrine was established; it is an Educational Center located in Montevideo’s Cerro Oeste, in the Casabó neighborhood, one of the most vulnerableRead More
By Maria Fischer • A neatly handwritten invoice from the year 1939. It is written on yellowed, fragile paper, just like the yellowed pages of the book I am holding and that once belonged to Assistant Priest Conrads from Aachen. Its title “Organic Ascetiscm”, a standard work of the early Schoenstatt Movement, one of the first systematic presentations on Schoenstatt’s pedagogy that until the 1950s was to be found in almost every library of a Schoenstatter who wanted to understand Fr Kentenich and live his teaching. However, I didn’t haveRead More
Oskar Bühler – On the hundredth birthday of Msgr. Wilhelm Wissing (1916-1996) on 31 January • “What sort of greenhorn have the bishops sent us now?” That was the question the German Chancellor, Konrad Adenaur, put to one of his ministers after the new director of the “Catholic Bureau” in Bonn had introduced himself. The new representative of the German Bishops to the German government and parliament, Wilhelm Wissing, who at the time was 42, was a priest of the Munster Diocese who had been in charge of the CatholicRead More