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PARAGUAY, by Carolina Ayala Silvera • On 11 May we had a wonderful gathering with María Fischer at the Terruño Shrine: she presented a talk on Fr. Joseph Kentenich, creator of attachments, focusing on the centenary of the MTA Magazine. Today, the language of organic attachments, is the time that we give That night several members of the large Schoenstatt Family from Este heard magnificent anecdotes about our Father and Founder. María gave us more than an encounter. She made us discover two very important things: above all, the personalRead More

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Tomatoes for Belmonte

GERMANY, Maria Fischer • May is Mary’s month in Germany and many other countries. Auxiliary Bishop Michael Gerber, Institute of Schoenstatt Diocesan Priests, and many pilgrims celebrated the first May Devotion at the Shrine of Vocations in Freiburg-Merzhausen. Carmen Reinle and her husband were there, not just as pilgrims, but as Belmonte ambassadors. In the past few years Carmen has grown tomato plants from tomato seed from Belmonte (to be exact, from a business nearby), and sold them in spring at the shrine – fundraising for Belmonte and more: “ThroughRead More

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The awaited visit

PARAGUAY, by José and Sonia Zaracho • Fulfilling her promise made the previous year, a great person again visited us. She brought us more knowledge about Fr. Joseph Kentenich. When we went to welcome her at Posadas, Argentina Airport, we asked her why she came to Paraguay through this city since she could have arrived at Asunción’s Silvio Pettirossi Airport. She confidently and spontaneously answered: “To once again see the place where Fr. Kentenich looked at Paraguay.” Fr. Kentenich had looked at Paraguay from Puerto of Posadas, and he lookedRead More
BRAZIL, by Sueli Vilarinho • Filled with the joy of the Year of Mercy, the Family League in Jaraguá- São Paulo-Brazil, together with Raquel from the Secular Institute of Our Lady of Schoenstatt, organized a workshop on mercy on 16 April 2016 with reflections from Pope Francis and Fr. Kentenich’s 1965 Christmas Letter to the Schoenstatt Family, focusing on living mercy in the new image of the Son, the Father, and the new community. New Children The God of Love inspires us to be the true image of the newRead More
From Ingeborg and Richard Sickinger, Vienna, Austria • With Amoris Laetitia, Pope Francis’ post-synodal Apostolic Exhortation about love in the family, a change of paradigm has taken place in pastoral care. A great theme that can be followed through the whole work is a shift of emphasis from the law to the ideal. Cardinal Schönborn, who presented the Papal document on 8 April in Rome, stated in an interview with the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation, “This document lifts the discussion onto a higher plane. (…) The Pope speaks of love inRead More
LITHUANIA, Hilde and Herbert Fellhofer • At the end of January, eight couples began participating in the third course of the Kentenich Academy for Family Pedagogy. The Academy for Family Pedagogy was introduced in Lithuania in 2009, during a family camp; the rest is the work of the Blessed Mother and the Holy Spirit. Eva and Erich Berger began the first course in 2010, with several couples from Austria as speakers. The course ended in 2012 with ten couples from Lithuania. The second course – Lithuanian families developed 90% ofRead More
CHILE, Esperanza Colombo vía Revista Vínculo • “Rejoice family, you are fertile ground:” Many weeks and many special events have passed, especially the blessing of the Talca Shrine, since more than ninety people, children and adults from Talca and Curicó went on mission for a week through the streets of Chimbarongo in Region VI.  However in retrospect and with the distance of time, hearts blaze when these Family Missions’ experiences are told. For the second consecutive year, Chimbarongo and its people were in charge of welcoming the families, who carriedRead More
by Maria Fischer, Editorial team • First, the report: Pope Francis had sleeping bags and small gifts distributed to the homeless in Rome during the Stations of the Cross on Good Friday. The Vatican almoner, Archbishop Konrad Krajewski, went through the streets along with volunteers and homeless people distributing the packages among those who were sleeping in the street. This work was carried out in “spiritual unity” with the Stations of the Cross that were being simultaneously held at the Coliseum, where Francis and tens of thousands faithful remembered Christ’sRead More
GERMANY/SWITZERLAND, Melanie and Ulrich Grauert • The mission statement of the IKAF (International Kentenich Academy for Leaders) states, among other things, “Genuine love of God, which should burn within us, gives us a new vision, a new understanding …” This “new understanding” shone out in a special way during the IKAF weekend at the beginning of March in Memholz, Germany. Based on very different actual situations we could clearly feel that as a team – in the plenary sessions – we could strengthen and enrich each other through the charismsRead More
By Tita Miño, Paraná, Argentina • Father prepared all the events and over time, he made it known to me, although every time I took the Father’s phone little card, I did not understand: “Loneliness is fruitful.” Many nights I was wakeful, and I would say interiorly, “Look, I am not prepared; I am weak and small…” Until the day arrived. I was alone when they told me I was losing my sight. Glaucoma had destroyed 90% of the optic nerve. There was no going back. I am grateful toRead More