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One single Pilgrim Mother visiting more than 100 homes in Uganda

UGANDA, Jean de Dieu Ntisumbwa •

The Pilgrim mother Nr.  58 of the modality of “Founding” arrived in Uganda, arrived in Uganda on the 15th august, 2019. This picture of the Pilgrim Mother blessed on 21st may, 2016 in the national shrine of Argentina, is the only one present in Uganda. —


The first and only Pilgrim Mother in Uganda, is working in the Nakivale Parish in the district of Isingiro – Africa`s oldest refugee camp. From here, the coordinator and missionary, a refugee from Burundi, asked the staff of early 2019 to send a Pilgrim Mother and some urgently needed material in English. Many people at this moment committed to help – but as so often, good will was not followed by good deeds, due to the business of life. But a missionary from Argentina, Mercedes MacDonough, went the extra mile and sent this picture.

So far, we have visited along with it 100 homes within 4 sub-parishes, while the Nakivale parish has 15 sub parishes. If possible, we need more pilgrim mothers because we are using one pilgrim mother.  When we were in Covid-19 quarantine which still on by the way, the pilgrim mother helped to pray more. Normally she spends 2 days in one home, while during the difficult time of covid-19 she stays 3- 4 days. Now she is at 15 km from Nakivale Parish. Other parishes from different districts are waiting – but we do not want to give this picture away as this it is the only one, we have.

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  1. Kathy Asanza says:

    I have some stamps and brochures o the Rosary Campaign that I would like to sent to Uganda.
    I have 2 Pilgrims M.TA. that due to the Pandemic are not visiting homes now. I would love to sent them to the families in Uganda
    Please give me the addressee where I can sent them.
    Thank you. God bless you

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