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PARAGUAY, Horacio José Chávez Tottil • “One seldom sees a 15 year-old, who is already so mature and rich in every aspect. I still recall the first baby steps that we took as a community…” This is how Fr. Antonio Cosp remembers the beginnings of the Schoenstatt Family in the Diocese of San Lorenzo (DSL), which now joyfully and proudly celebrated its 15 years of life, where the National Shrine of Tupãrendá is located. On 4 January 2001, a group of people met to found the Schoenstatt Movement in theRead More
PARAGUAY, by Alfredo Cabrera and Maria Fischer • The Rosary of Brave Men members were so excited that the event’s first photos to the participants of the Kentenich Communication Workshop and to editorial team of began arriving during the concert.  To the amazed recipients’ request: “Tell us more, Alfredo, for!”  The reply was:  “We are in the middle of the concert; we still have to pray two mysteries.  We will send more photos and comments later…” This happened on Sunday, 24 July, during the Singing for Mercy FestivalRead More
PARAGUAY, by Horacio Chavez • On Monday, 4 July, the Schoenstatt Movement’s group leaders from the San Lorenzo Diocese met at the María Auxiliadora [Mary Help of Christians] Chapel. Fr. Pedro Kϋhlcke spoke to them about Fr. Kentenich and his fatherliness, which made it possible for all of them to be present in that place as members of a large family, and of a large movement with a father and founder, who is the most faithful reflection of God the Father. The participants had several discussions and exchanges with Fr.Read More
PARAGUAY, by Johana and Horacio Chávez Tottil • It was a chilly morning in Tupãrenda, but it was sunny. From the beginning of Holy Mass in Most Holy Trinity Church, the warmth of the youths’ was evident with the Girls’ Youth flags during the procession and they were present during the liturgy, because this Holy Mass was a “conquest” of the Girls’ Youth from the Dioceses of San Lorenzo and Caácupé. The women who followed Jesus Fr. Pedro Kühlcke, the Girls’ Youth adviser, celebrated this Mass and in the homily,Read More
PARAGUAY, by Johana y Horacio Chávez • The initiation retreat day for the Family League in San Lorenzo took place on Friday 20 May. From very early in the morning, the coordinators and active married couples prepared for the meeting, with a beautiful and welcoming display to receive the new couples that the Blessed Mother has called. The programme followed the structure for these retreats that have been held in various places.  At the start of the talk, there was a short comedy that is already a tradition at theRead More
PARAGUAY, Ricardo M. Acosta, Schoenstatt Brother of Mary, Diocese of San Lorenzo • “Schoenstatt for the Church” apostolic work has extended out to different spheres; the missions are one of great transcendence for the Church reaching out. Tupãrenda’s 2016 missions (the second edition in the city of Itá) gathered more than 100 people during the second week of the New Year; five days of very intensive mission work in a city that is located approximately 15 kilometers from Tupãrenda’s National Shrine. The ecclesial and missionary paradigm of reaching out hasRead More

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Fostering Professionals

PARAGUAY, Fabio Flores • Yesterday, 30 December 2015, we had a great celebration with senior executives, instructors and participants of the professional training courses taught at the institution where I work: the National Service of Professional Promotion (SNPP[1])/ Management of Professional Training (DFCP[2]) of Itá, San Lorenzo Diocese. The National Service of Professional Promotion and Management of Professional Training is an organism that depends on the Ministry of Justice and Work. Its activities are directed fundamentally to the political work of the government. It carries out its training functions mainlyRead More
By Ani Souberlich, Vicky Ramírez Jou, Sonia Zaracho, Marité and Ramón Marini, José Argüello, Fr. José Pontes, Andreza Ortigoza, Mima Cardona, María Emilia Vidal, Maria Fischer, Fr. Antonio Cosp and 50,000 pilgrims • “How the world’s largest 18 October was experienced in Tupãrenda, Paraguay,” is the title of a Facebook post, while, Fr. Antonio Cosp thanked all the collaborators for their contribution to the “celebration of celebrations in Tuparenda.” The songs along with Bishop Francisco Pistilli and Fr. Pedro Kühlcke, Bishop Joaquín Robledo, Bishop of San Lorenzo (bilingual) and Fr.Read More
PARAGUAY, San Lorenzo, Ricardo M. Acosta • “Self-education is an imperative of the times,” our Founder said more than 100 years ago, and currently it continues to be an imperative of the era. “This is a beginning; it does not mean that they are going to be perfect from one day to the next, obviously you will fall, but the important thing is not to fall, but instead, to get up and begin anew, and in this process, the help of the Family and the Branch brothers will be aRead More
PARAGUAY, Fr. Antonio Cosp, National Movement Director• Maria Fischer visited the Schoenstatt Movement in Paraguay as part of her holidays. She visited four diocese in 15 days: Encarnación, Ciudad del Este, Asunción and S. Lorenzo. She also went on pilgrimage to three shrines. She experienced a typical Paraguayan Holy Week in Tupãrenda. Her conferences elicited the interest of many and were highly acclaimed. I invited Maria with the idea that she could demonstrate the Kentenich style of communication she focused on in her studies; which indeed happened in each ofRead More