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By Federico Bicciconti, Bahía Blanca, Argentina • Federico is a 24-year-old Argentinean, and he was in Schoenstatt approximately fifty days ago. The most loyal readers of schoenstatt.org will remember him: That young Argentinean, who wanted to walk the Camino de Santiago [St. James’ Way] from Lourdes to Santiago de Compostela, and the way he chose to do it was to leave from Schoenstatt, more precisely from the Original Shrine. “Sometime ago, I promised to send you a brief summary of my visit to Schoenstatt, and as you will see later,Read More
By Rafael Gualberto Ortiz Moreno, Paraguay • When I was seriously ill in the hospital, one of the doctors, who cared for me said: “You were born again, 90% of the people, who have the problem you had, do not survive; you have to celebrate another birthday; do whatever is possible, everything that you had planned to do.” I immediately thought about the Camino de Santiago [The Way of St. James], named after the apostle also known as James the Greater or James, son of Zebedee, which ends at Compostela,Read More
ORIGINAL SHRINE/GERMANY from Maria Fischer • “Schoenstatt, Vallendar on the Rhine, which celebrated its centenary last year, is the centre of a worldwide spiritual movement. Its focal point is a little chapel in the valley where Mary is honoured as “Thrice Admirable Mother”. The picture of grace, which arrived in Schoenstatt from Freiburg a hundred years ago, is well known worldwide, as the members of the cathedral choir experienced last year when they visited South America”. These were the words of the invitation addressed to the members of the FreiburgRead More
Editorial team schoenstatt.org • Those who came to Schoenstatt during the week this September usually had the possibility of spending an extensive time of quiet and prayer in the Original Shrine, and even at times a “private audience”. At this time there aren’t so many pilgrims coming here. However, what arrives day after day are the letters and messages from people all over the world to the Original Shrine – quietly, unnoticed by those who live here, but persistently and with great trust. The Original Shrine lives from the loveRead More
GERMANY, by Birgit Brömmel • It was a cloudy day, but my friend and I did not want anyone or anything to change our minds about our plan. The trip to Kevelaer pilgrimage place had been planned for some time, and these few clouds were not going to spoil our project, and most of all, because my friend was coming from a place where the sun was shining. So we went, without umbrellas or a jacket… This is how we began our pilgrimage. Meanwhile, the closer we got to Kevelaer,Read More
Original Shrine, Sr. M. Ivone • A small group of Italians have made a pilgrimage from Rome to Schoenstatt. The majority of them crossed the threshold of the Original Shrine for the first time to experience the graces of this holy place. There were eight from Tuscany and eight from Rome. These have been three wonderful days filled with the joy of being able to feel and experience the presence of the Mother and Queen and the Father and Founder, and the appreciation of the delightful welcome and hospitality thatRead More
Rome-Belmonte/Czech Republic, Fr. Frantisek Jirasek and Maria Fischer • How do you attach a statue to a wall? That was the question put to the Czech Schoenstatt Family, which has worked hard for years to support their room in Belmonte both spiritually and financially. A reminder: The centre for guests and encounters, DOMUS PATER KENTENICH, in Belmonte, is nearing completion. It has 31 guest rooms – light and roomy single and double rooms, some suitable for the disabled, which have been beautifully furnished with light and functional furnishings. These roomsRead More