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ARGENTINA/SPAIN/ CHILE / CUBA, by Mercedes MacDonough and Maria Fischer • Precisely Cuba. Among all the possible places in the world, the historic encounter of 12 February – The embrace between Patriarch Kirill from Moscow and Pope Francis –actually took place in Cuba at the Havana airport. During the encounter, they signed a joint declaration. After two hours of intense conversation, the Pope and the Patriarch went to a hall in the airport, where President Raúl Castro waited for them to sign a joint Declaration. It is based on thirtyRead More
NIGERIA, Fr. Javier Arteaga and Maria Fischer • Recently Fr. Javier Arteaga and Fr. Pablo Pol (Regio del Padre) visited the Schoenstatt Fathers in Nigeria. Upon returning to Argentina, Fr. Pablo Pol asked Mercedes MacDonough for one hundred MTA pictures and for Pilgrim MTAs with the texts in English on the back… A real story that was published in December 2002 on schoenstatt.org comes to mind: “Nigeria is one of the “young” countries of the Campaign: it began in 1999 when Fr. Pablo Pol from Argentina – who was stillRead More
URUGUAY/ARGENTINA, Tucumán, by Silvia Sibay • How good it is to depart on vacation knowing that you will find a place where the Blessed Mother waits to welcome you as if you were at home! She is never on vacation! When I arrived in Punta del Este, Uruguay, the first place I visited was Candelaria Church. There in front of an imposing street lamp, the edifice could be seen in its entire splendor. As a highlight of so much beauty, she, the Blessed Mother, greeted me from her Wayside ShrineRead More
VENEZUELA, Puerto La Cruz, diácono Alberto Badaracco • VENEZUELA, Puerto La Cruz, Deacon Alberto Badaracco • “In the corporal works of mercy we touch the flesh of Christ in our brothers and sisters who need to be fed, clothed, sheltered, visited…” Pope Francis tells us in his Lenten message during the Holy Year of Mercy. At the beginning of Lent, which the Holy Father placed under the theme: “The works of mercy on the road of the Jubilee,” we invite everyone who reads schoenstatt.org to place projects – large, small,Read More
PARAGUAY, by Rafael Vera, Mima Cardona and Maria Fischer • On 16 January 2015, during a visit from a youth group in an outlying neighborhood of Capiatá. Rafael Vera, of the Pilgrim Mother Campaign Youth Ministry asked a WhatsaApp campaign missionary group: “Is there a Pilgrim Mother for the visually impaired in Paraguay?” They had found Marciana Roda, who lives on Km. 21 in the San José de Capiatá neighborhood: “She lives alone, without help. The neighbors bathe her. She does not have fingers and she is blind…” She needsRead More
BURUNDI, Diomède Mujojoma • The apostolate of the Pilgrim Mother carried out the sending forth of the nine missionaries from the Parish of Kinama, on Wednesday, 13, January 2016, at the Mont Sion Gikungu Schoenstatt Shri ne. Before the commissioning ceremony, an informative talk was presented about the mission of the Pilgrim at the St. Vicent Pallotti Hall of Mont Sion Gikungu. Then there was a procession from the entrance of Mont Sion Gikungu, praying the Holy Rosary of Divine Mercy and in a symbolic act, one by one, theyRead More
ITALY, by Gisela Ciola • I wanted to close these Christmas celebrations with a testimony of my experience as a missionary, which began in 2015. For me, “the Blessed Mother’s three graces arrived with the Three Kings.” I began to mission at Trento with the Pilgrim Mother less than a year ago. There are no Schoenstatt Shrines or missionaries in northern Italy, so my preparation for this very important work was very special. I began my task when I received Fr. Juan José Riba’s blessing, in February of last year.Read More
PARAGUAY, by Mima and Juan Carlos Cardona • “Everyone, welcome to this Eucharistic celebration. On this day, we joyfully gather filled with good wishes because our community is celebrating. We are commemorating the twenty-fifth anniversary of the blessing of the Wayside Shrine in our city, protected beneath the Blessed Mother of Schoenstatt’s maternal gaze. We implore the intercession of our Mother and the blessing of God the Father as committed missionary disciples, so we can carry forth the challenges that our Mother Church proposes.” The Mass celebrated on 16 DecemberRead More
ARGENTINA, Diocese of Morón, by Rosita Ciola • The first MTA Wayside Shrine for the visually impaired in the whole world was blessed seventeen years ago at El Palomar, Diocese of Morón. She chose this place, this neighborhood, this moment to establish her throne of graces and to remain with us forever. Blessed by God’s love and the Blessed Mother’s presence, since then and continuing today, there has an abundant fruitful life around this place. In the midst of her people The wayside shrine is located on a very busyRead More
Today, Mima and Juan Carlos Cardona from Paraguay respond: they have been married for 41 years, they have three children: José Félix, Claudia Adriana and María Guadalupe, and three grandchildren: Sara, Elías Samuel and María Lujan. We belong to Ciudad del Este’s founding generation. Nationally we are in Family Branch 72 (like the number of disciples Jesus sent out in the Gospel), in Ciudad del Este, “New Life” Group 4. We belong to Apostolic Family League Circle 35. Currently we are the coordinators of the Rosary Campaign in the country’sRead More