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A Campaign awakening life

ARGENTINA, Stella Maris Fernández Lobbe and editorial team •

It was with great joy that the annual gathering of the Schoenstatt Rosary Campaign took place on 27 August in Belén de Escobar, which belongs to the Diocese of Zárate-Campana, in the Buenos Aires’ province.

Despite the bad weather, 170 missionaries from Buenos Aires and the Belgrano, Centro, Devoto, Flores, Colegio Mater areas, different parts of the Buenos Aires’ province: San Isidro, Morón, Pilar, Garin, San Justo, Mercedes-Luján, San Pedro, San Miguel, La Matanza, and other places attended with their usual joy and willingness. Fr. Guillermo Carmona, Campaign adviser, presented a profound talk at St. Joseph Church. He posed the question: “How can a missionary be merciful like the Father and go out to the encounter like João Pozzobon?” And with his usual warmth, he encouraged them to continue with the mission of being instruments in Mary’s hands and to be merciful like the Father.

To everyone’s joy, at the beginning of the gathering, Fr. Benjamín Pereira announced that, along with the signatures of those who wish, a respective commission will be asked to open Fr. Esteban Uriburu’s process of beatification. He reached a high degree of holiness, in covenant with Mary, embodying his personal ideal: “Marian light of God the Father’s mercy.”

After lunch, there was a workshop with testimonies from the different areas. It was touching to share the experiences that the missionaries have with the Blessed Mother.


A photo op for wayside shrines everywhere!

“That was the best part of the gathering in Belén de Escobar!” María Rosa Aparicio from Los Polvirines, Buenos Aires commented, “It is so beautiful!” She was referring to the large picture of João Pozzobon departing from the International Shrine of Rome at Belmonte with a firm step and joyful face and with the Pilgrim Mother on his shoulder, taking her and with her, all of Schoenstatt to the world’s geographical and existential peripheries.

It was the picture that traveled throughout social media since mid August when the initiative was launched to encourage all the Campaign’s missionaries throughout the world to attach themselves with the Belmonte Shrine in Rome by sending a picture of their wayside shrine for the João Pozzobon Conference Hall in the Fr. Kentenich House at Belmonte. “The picture painted by Ana Adrogué is very beautiful,” Ana Echevarría commented during the Metropolitan Gathering, she is a member of the team that is coordinating this initiative. “Everyone who knew him says: It is João! Everyone. And it seems that he is walking out of the picture.” She joked, “We have to be careful that he does not escape…It is truly the embodiment of what Father dreamed and what he then motivated in Belmonte! What wonders the Blessed Mother works!”

With the same fire that enkindled hearts in 1984 when she asked João Pozzobon for the first twenty-five Pilgrim Mothers to spread the Campaign in Argentina and throughout the world, Ana Echevarría, in her talk that set many hearts afire, said: “What a great joy for all of us who love João L. Pozzobon and his Campaign to know that such an outstanding place is being prepared at Rome’s International Center in Belmonte to make him and his work known.

One of the house’s three conference halls, in the process of being completed, will bear his name. An initiative was launched as a tribute to João Pozzobon, who in his own way set up so many wayside shrines through his Campaign. We are invited to send a photo of wayside shrines from all corners of the world, photos of every one of the Mother Thrice Admirable of Schoenstatt wayside shrines that have emerged in our respective countries. As the photos arrive, they will be collated so that together they form a picture of the large Pilgrim Mother that João carried on his shoulder. A picture that is the living presence of the Mother Thrice Admirable in so many corners of the world on five continents.” She also announced that the first photos of the wayside shrines have already arrived from Crespo (Entre Rios), Coronel Suárez (Buenos Aires) and Tucumán, in Argentina, from Santiago and Copiapó, in Chile and from Santa Cruz de la Sierra in Bolivia.

Mercedes Bonorino and María Bieule – who are also members of João Pozzobon’s vice-postulation – made sure that everyone received the specially prepared brochures. Many of the members present enthusiastically said: “We will send the photo of our wayside shrine, and we will extend the invitation!” God willing may no wayside shrine miss the opportunity to form part of the Pilgrim Mother’s picture that from João Pozzobon Hall will continue to attract hearts from all cultures and countries in Rome. May she, like João, grant many the grace to pray, live and to take the Gospel to everyone through the Rosary’s simple little road lived in Covenant with her.


What does the rain matter when the heart is on fire?

The Illuminated Rosary and Holy Mass concluded this very special gathering; in spite of the weather, mission consciousness was reflected in all the attendee’s enthusiasm and commitment. Moreover love for the Blessed Mother increases more and more everyday in each one of the missionaries.

We extend our gratitude to all the missionaries, who despite the difficult weather conditions, gave their unconditional Yes to the Campaign. Also to all the Campaign representatives, to the Vice-postulation members, to Frs. Benjamín Pereira and Guillermo Carmona, who were at our service during the entire gathering, to Gloria and Jesus, who helped us in the kitchen, and to the members of the Institute of Our Lady of Schoenstatt, who affectionately opened the doors of their home.


Original: Spanish. Translation: Celina M. Garza, San Antonio, TX USA – Edited: Melissa Peña-Janknegt, Elgin, TX USA

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