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PARAGUAY, Father Antonio Cosp • This Thursday, 4 June, the Minister of Justice, Sheila Abed, Father Pedro Kühlcke, chaplain of the Centro Educativo, Itaugua [Itaugua Educational Center] and the President of the Foundation for the Promotion of Values and Prevention of Violence (Fundaprova), Ana María Mendoza de Acha, other authorities and a group of the youths from Esperanza Jail Pavilion participated in the blessing of the wayside shrine of Schoenstatt’s Mother Thrice Admirable. This wayside shrine is like the cornerstone of the construction of a house-school that will have aRead More
PARAGUAY, by Mariela Beatriz Vignola, of the Shrine of Tupãrenda communication team • The Solemnity of Corpus Christi was joyfully experienced in the National Schoenstatt Shrine in Tupãrenda. Rector of the Shrine, Father Antonio Cosp, celebrated Holy Mass and wisely reflected about the importance of the Body and Blood of Christ. The Schoenstatt Family and pilgrims participated; they, who day by day join to experience the graces of the Shrine, where God the Father, God the Son and the Holy Spirit along with the Blessed Mother wait for the pilgrimsRead More
PARAGUAY, by María Fischer, Rita and Wilson Santacruz, Mariela Beatriz Vignola • How do they do it? What is the mystery of the Shrine of Tuparenda? What does the Shrine have that makes one fall in love instantly? What phenomenon occurs that so many people feel close to God in this Shrine? These questions emerged upon reading the testimonies, seeing the photos, and moreover from being in the midst of this mystery, in the midst of this phenomenon of the open shrine, of everyone’s Shrine, of the Shrine that stealsRead More
By Maria Fischer, from Tupãrendá , Paraguay• “The hour has come for the Son to be glorified.” Returning to the theme of the Lord’s Last Supper with the touching moment of the foot washing, Father Cosp rounded out the great Easter Triduum at the festive Easter Sunday, heart of the faith. It is also the heart of the Covenant of Love and of the covenant culture that emerges from there and motivates us to set out toward the peripheries in solidarity, in a reflection of that solidarity with men, withRead More
PARAGUAY, Fr. Antonio Cosp, National Movement Director• Maria Fischer visited the Schoenstatt Movement in Paraguay as part of her holidays. She visited four diocese in 15 days: Encarnación, Ciudad del Este, Asunción and S. Lorenzo. She also went on pilgrimage to three shrines. She experienced a typical Paraguayan Holy Week in Tupãrenda. Her conferences elicited the interest of many and were highly acclaimed. I invited Maria with the idea that she could demonstrate the Kentenich style of communication she focused on in her studies; which indeed happened in each ofRead More
By Maria Fischer, from Tupãrenda, Paraguay •  “We are minutes away from what the reason for this trip was about,” said Father Antonio Cosp, Director of the Schoenstatt Movement in Paraguay, as we walked toward the Pilgrims’ Church in Tupãrenda; it was a trip of more than ten kilometers. Several months ago, he invited me to visit Paraguay, saying:   “I would be very happy if you could come for Palm Sunday, on 29 March. It is one the days with the most pilgrims (it is always this way when theyRead More