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We didn’t know this country was so united and showed such solidarity!

ECUADOR, Eduardo Jurado and Maria Fischer •

Some time has passed since the 7.8 earthquake that caused such destruction and suffering in Ecuador.

I still haven’t begun to process what happened. It has been terrible. The human losses together with the material losses at a time when the country’s economy was almost at a standstill following the decline of the oil price and the devaluation of the neighbouring countries’ currencies.

Now, everything has come to a halt and everyone is focused on helping in whatever way they can. There are dramatic images of the survivors being rescued. Help has come from all parts of the country. We didn’t know this country was so united and showed such solidarity!

It is estimated that nearly one million people were in the worst affected areas. The death toll is 500. There are 1,000 people missing and hundreds were injured.

Fortunately they had built new hospitals, schools, police community centres and fire stations in almost all of these areas. Five cities will have to be rebuilt.

This is a mystery that is difficult to understand. The poorest and least protected…Lord, I believe but increase my faith! Heart of Jesus, save Ecuador!

United in solidarity

“How dreadful, Eduardo! I am in solidarity and have remembered all the victims and families caught in the earthquake in prayer,” said Carlos Barrio from Buenos Aires. In the days following the earthquake in Ecuador, the CIEES (Ibero-American Congress for Schoenstatt Business People and Executives) Whatsapp group became a network of solidarity. Greetings of encouragement, promises of prayer, bank details for Caritas Ecuador and details of how to make a donation from overseas were exchanged.

“We felt very close to the people of Ecuador,” came a comment from Peru. “We send the heartfelt desire that this situation will dealt with urgently.”

“We have experienced these phenomena several times in Peru, and it is God and the Blessed Mother who help people get up again and move on with their heads held high and filled with optimism. Our prayers are with you and we are ready to help our affected brethren.

Schoenstatt in solidarity

Schoenstatt business people and executives from Switzerland, Germany, Costa Rica, Mexico, Chile and the United States expressed their solidarity. The young professional league in Spain organized donations. Prayers for Ecuador were said at many of the celebrations on the 18th of April. Since then, the idea has spread in many countries to pray a “Novena for Ecuador” with Schoenstatt texts and the prayer of the Ecuadorian Bishops’ Conference. On many Facebook profiles, on, in the branches and communities of “our beautiful Schoenstatt” can be seen, our Schoenstatt in solidarity.

I unite myself in Covenant Solidarity with the Family in Ecuador, with all the victims and all those who suffered in this massive natural disaster. On this Covenant Day I will be united with Ecuador in particular and all its shrines in my prayers and contributions to the capital of grace. We trust that all can be overcome. MPHC et V.
Perla Piovera – Mendoza, Argentina

I unite my prayer of solidarity with all those affected by the earthquake. Tomorrow, during the renewal of the covenant of love, we will be present with them in our common prayer. She will never abandon us, she works miracles, cares perfectly for everything and is always victorious. From Argentina, united in covenant with Maria and all our Schoenstatt brethren.
HMA – Argentina

To my brothers and sisters in Ecuador: as a Chilean, I have experienced earthquakes and I know how small one feels before such tragedy that is beyond our control. I unite myself in a prayer of solidarity with all of the dear people of Ecuador, I pray for all those who lost loved ones, for the injured, for those who lost their homes. May God, in the face of this tragedy, show himself through the love in solidarity among the people of Ecuador, South America and the global international Schoenstatt Family that unites itself in prayer for Ecuador. A big hug to all united in the heart of our Blessed Mother.
Tita Ravera de Andras, Vienna, Austria

From the shrine in Tucumán, Argentina which today celebrates its 17th anniversary, we unite ourselves to the pain of all our Ecuadorian brethren, and we include them in the Rosary of Light and Holy Mass.
In Covenant Solidarity
Silvia Sibay – Tucumán, Argentina

I unite myself in Covenant Solidarity with the Family in Ecuador, for all the victims and those who have passed on to heaven at the 11am Mass. I will commit them to the Lord Jesus and the Blessed Mother. May our shrines radiate their capital of grace towards Ecuador to relieve the pain of those people. MPHC (Mother cares perfectly)
Fr. Esteban Casquero, Argentina

Original: Spanish. Translation: Sarah-Leah Pimentel, Cape Town, South Africa

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