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The Pilgrim Mother in Tegucigalpa

HONDURAS, Fr. José Luis Correa/Maria Fischer •

We knew that on her way through Central America the Pilgrim Mother of Schoenstatt would not “forget” Honduras. About fifty visits are made each month to  Sometimes there is a letter to the Blessed Mother in the Original Shrine. There are some contacts between Schoenstatters in Costa Rica with Schoenstatters in Peru who live in Honduras. This tiny country between El Salvador, Nicaragua and Guatemala has “an eye on Schoenstatt”.—

Honduras is a deeply Marian country. Near Tegucigalpa, the capital of Honduras, there is one of the most important Marian shrines of Latin America: Our Lady of Suyapa. Recognised as a minor basilica, it has become the focal point of conversion and mercy. The devotion of the people of Honduras to their patron, the Virgin Mary of Suyapa, has continued to grow. Since 1747 when a tiny miraculous statue was found, the Catholics of Honduras have grown ever closer to their Morenita.  That has led to the recent elevation of the shrine of Suyapa to the status of a minor basilica. The 6.5cm statue has been carved from cedar wood.

The humble servant of the Lord, the Virgin of the Magnificat, seems to love what is small and insignificant.

Now we have got to know about a modest and small start being made with Schoenstatt in Honduras. In Tegucigalpa a Pilgrim Mother picture is visiting a number of families. She was also present at a wedding. “Fabian prayed the Rosary and the candle prayer of his school with us this morning. He welcomed the Blessed Mother here in Tegucigalpa”, Fr José Luis Correa was informed in a letter accompanied by a photo. He has been in contact with Schoenstatters and is looking for those in Honduras who could be interested in Schoenstatt. He is planning to visit the country for the first time from 6-8 January 2020. We invite the faithful visitors to from Honduras to make contact and tell us their stories!

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P. José Luis Correa

Original: Spanish. Translation: Mary Cole, Manchester, UK

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