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Every day we greet you with a kiss and a prayer, just like we do our mom

ITALY, Virginia, 9, of San Matteo Parish Ap. Ev. Marsala, Sicily •

My name is Virginia, I’m 9 years old, and I attend 4th grade and the 2nd year of the First Communion Catechism at San Matteo Parish in Marsala [St. Matthew’s]. Today I want to testify about the love that Our Lady has brought into our homes on behalf of the whole of the catechism class. We learned of the Mother Thrice Admirable during our first year of catechism; it was Maria our catechist and a childhood friend of my mom’s who brought the MTA to my house for the first time. During catechism then, Maria would tell us about the MTA, and I had also shared with my catechism friends how nice it was to have it at home. From that day, the Pilgrim MTA, with Sister Yvonne’s help, came into the homes of all my companions. For us she has become a part of our families, and when she arrives in our homes we do a welcoming celebration for her. Along with the mothers, we prepare a table with the most beautiful tablecloth from the linen cabinet, the night before we go with dad to the florist to buy the most beautiful flowers, and so we prepare a small altar with candles to welcome her.

When Maria brings the image to us on Saturday, we carry it home with great happiness, because we know that she will stay with us all week. Every day, when we go and return from school, we greet you, Mary, like we do our mom with a kiss and a prayer.

Then we bring it to the table with us, and after lunch, we take her with us into the bedroom to keep us company while we do our homework. If we fail in something we look at her, and she kindly helps us.

I believe that she will stand beside me along with my MTA

Then in the evening, our family recites the Rosary together. For three months, I also recited one in the afternoon with my grandmother, who was a retired teacher, but that is now no longer possible because my grandmother passed away. I believe that along with my MTA, she will stand beside me. Even the father of a friend of mine in catechism is gone, but he continues to pray the rosary as if he is still with them in the family.

Our family continues to always keep it on the little table that we prepare where together we put pictures of our loved ones.

Having the Blessed Mother is a great feeling

Having the Blessed Mother is a great thrill, because it brings us much joy and happiness, every time we see it, we feel calm and at peace with everyone.

Having her at home means having the mother of all mothers, and with her we always feel protected.

Translated from Italian: Valerio Salvador – Edited: Melissa Peña-Janknegt, Elgin, TX USA


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