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How much do you love? If there is something we can exaggerate, it is LOVE!


If you have felt Christ’s love throughout your life, do not keep it to yourself; you have to give it away!

The first time I went on MUC [Catholic University Missions] and I personally considered this “madness of love” experience. In reality, there are no words or numbers to express what we experienced during Holy Week 2016. It was a series of endless, great, and wonderful moments, where one encounters God ‘s infinite love in every detail, in every look, in every embrace, and every person that he placed along the way.


Buena Vista stole my heart

This is a question of going for it and taking the first step, he will do the rest. The previous day, I felt very excited, even without knowing where I was going, and when I found out my destination, I thought: “I only know three people,” but I was happy. The encounter with the other people, where we are going is not it, but the encounter with God is– far from the daily routine and the noise of the world, which many times, at least in my case, makes this encounter difficult. Today I can say that I gained a beautiful family in Christ. Buena Vista, truly, stole my heart, through all the people that I met, in the homes we visited, and in the daily sharing with the other brothers/sisters, many former ones, and others, like me, who were experiencing this madness of love for the first time!

It is difficult to describe every experience we had, from a profound gaze, to long talks, but Liz Antonia’s life is one I want to tell you about and from the bottom of my heart. I ask that when you read this, offer a prayer to God and Mary for her life and that of her family.


Liz Antonia– the gift of love

We went to mission on the last day; we arrived at a house where two people were working. Ña Nilsa and her father welcomed us super warmly, and we began a brief conversation. Ña Nilsa told us that only she and her father live in the house; her mother is outside the country, because of illness. Nilsa has a little daughter, but unfortunately they do not live together, because she cannot care for her, due to the fact that they are epileptics. When we asked Ña Nilsa where her daughter, Liz Antonio was, she explained that she lives with her aunt and uncle. We shared a little while longer with them, then we prayed, we bid them farewell, and we continued onward. We continued on a little ways, and we arrived at another house; it was Liz Antonia’s aunt and uncle’s house! When we saw her, I approached her, she clasped her little hands, and she asked for a blessing! How could such a small girl, give the gift of so much love in a matter of seconds? It was such a pure, sincere love that comes from God! Then, without saying anything, she timidly took the Blessed Mother, and looked at her intensely (doubtlessly the Blessed Mother does everything from heaven) and that was the last house we visited.


Go for it; live this madness of love

Prayer is the most powerful tool that God has given us; in Mark 9:23, Jesus says that everything is possible for one who has faith. I pray to God for your healing, and the healing of all the sick people. You and I can make a prayer stronger.

I feel immensely grateful for the beautiful time that God and Mary gave me, for giving me the opportunity to experience a true Holy Week, for giving me so much love, and for renewing my heart. The way that he acts is incredible when we open our hearts, we trust him blindly, and we leave everything in his hands.

Go for it, live this madness of love and mission day by day!

How much do you love? If there is something we can exaggerate, it is love! Do not tire of giving!


Father, Son and Holy Spirit! Our life for your mission!

Video: Catholic University Missions– MUC 2016

Original: Spanish. Translation: Celina M. Garza, San Antonio, TX USA – Edited: Melissa Peña-Janknegt, Elgin, TX USA

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