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“Together for Europe” as a Schoenstatt Movement

TOGETHER FOR EUROPE by Fr. Hans-Martin Samietz •

We were surprised.  Eighty collaborators of the Schoenstatt Movement gathered on Sunday to celebrate a Mass of thanksgiving at the Munich Schoenstatt Center.  Throughout the weekend, Christians kept the city of Munich in suspense with the congress and the “Together for Europe” rally.

And Schoenstatt was in the middle of it

Eighty-nine Schoenstatters had registered for the congress. Schoenstatt held the third place, according to the number of participants.  Moreover, it was estimated that there would be up to 120 Schoenstatters involved in the organization and in carrying out the congress and the rally.  We were taken into account.  We collaborated. We were a part of it.  We did a good job.


Experiences, knowledge, perspective


Of those 120, approximately 80 met on Sunday afternoon.  After the Mass of thanksgiving, an abundant brunch awaited us.  The dining room of the Schoenstatt Center of Munich was too small.  Nevertheless, that did not stop us, after the brunch we held a round table about the experiences, the knowledge and the perspectives from the previous days. We compiled the words that expressed what was experienced and wrote them on a flip chart.  Our short dictionary of the congress and the rally follows:

  • Restlessness disappeared.
  • Encounter is the currency of Ecumenism.
  • Encounters
  • Bridges:  during these days, we have learned to love what we have in common.
  • Charisms give strength to act.
  • Christians:  have a common center, Jesus Christ.
  • Dialogue emerges from reconciliation.
  • To be born:  a new beginning of being a Christian.
  • Posed: not as a huge act.
  • Spirit: was present.
  • Heart:  authentic place of ecumenism.
  • Help:  everyone felt responsible.
  • Hope:  the preparation and development of the congress and the rally motivated us to show ourselves as Christians
  • Broaden the horizon:  Ecumenism makes us look forward.
  • Investment:  there is not enough money in the world to pay for the profound encounters.
  • Prayer in small groups:  It can be done!
  • Creativity:  “Together for Europe” is a brand on the web.
  • Mary: Her person and work are not taboo in conversations with Evangelical Christians.
  • Walls were substituted with bridges.
  • Munich: the city gains enormity because of Christian witness.
  • Rain is a blessing.
  • Beauty:  we are happy to appreciate others.
  • Blessing was perceived.
  • Desire for still more unity
  • Table:  sharing the bread should remain as a subject.
  • Training for tolerance is needed.
  • It is surprising how everything works when we are together.
  • Diversity is the sister of creativity.
  • Ring of growth for the Schoenstatt Movement.
  • The future has been carried out.
  • Together there are results.


Schoenstatt knows how to practice ecumenism.  What will Schoenstatt do in view of the Jubilee of the Reformation next year?  We will part of something big.


Original:  German.  Translation:  Celina M. Garza, San Antonio, TX USA. Edited: Melissa Peña-Janknegt, Elgin, TX USA

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