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ITALY, Laura Liberati • On Sunday the 3rd of May, in the Church “Most Holy Mary Auxiliatrix of the Filanda of Aulla”, took place the 7th Meeting of the Regional Family of Schoenstatt in Tuscany, a crowning of various gatherings held in the Diocese of St Miniato, in the Monastery of St. Cristiana at St. Croce on the Arno river, and in the parochial hall of St. Pietro Belvedere, to allow the participants to experience the joy of Mary’s embrace. The entire day was a stream of many precious momentsRead More
PARAGUAY, Communication team of the Shrine of Tupãrenda/mda • On Sunday, 31 May, Father Antonio Cosp celebrated and Father Oscar Saldívar con-celebrated Holy Mass in Tupãrenda. It was the highlight of the month of May with many important events and especially on this 31st, which are mentioned below: 56 years of the Schoenstatt Movement’s founding in Paraguay. 44 years of the first Holy Mass Father Antonio, the current rector of the Schoenstatt National Shrine in Tupãrenda, celebrated. 30 years of the Rosary Campaign in Paraguay. Third milestone of Schoenstatt: theRead More
PARAGUAY/BRASIL, by Martín Pereira • Our Heroic Mother and Queen once again blessed us, Paraguay‘s Rosary Campaign missionaries,in a very special way. Presently she not only calls us to be a launching point in our communities, but also for other countries, because until now, the Paraguayan missionaries are the only ones who have carried out a “Retiro Pozzoboniano,” [“Pozzobon Retreat”] a spiritual retreat where they deepen in the life and mission of the initiator of the Rosary Campaign.  This retreat began last year, and in April of this year, a secondRead More
Italy, Sicily Patricia Carollo, journalist • The family is not always and only that of our origin. Jesus said: “And everyone who has left houses or brothers or sisters or father or mother or children or fields, for my name’s sake, will receive a hundredfold…” (Matthew 19:29). Well, the Schoenstatt Family also exists; it was beloved and thought of by its Founder, Father Joseph Kentenich, who in 1914, in Germany along with a group of seminarians consecrated himself to Mary, in a chapel, which was later transformed into the Schoenstatt ShrineRead More
BRAZIL, Quixadá, CE, Sister M. Neiva Pavlak • On 28 March 2015, the coordinators, missionaries and families of the Schoenstatt Rosary Campaign and some members of the Rosario de Hombres Madre y Reina [Mother and Queen Rosary of Men] gathered for the annual training meeting held at the Quixadá Diocesan Pastoral Center. During the morning, they listened attentively to the explanations about the theme for the year: “With you Father, Family in Covenant: holiness and mission!” The DVD, “Cuál es el secreto de su corazón?” [“What is your heart’s secret?”],Read More
ARGENTINA, Corrientes, Martha Liotti, founder of the “Campañita” [“Little Campaign”] modality for at risk babies • Just like every year, the missionaries of the Schoenstatt Rosary Campaign together renewed the commitment to take the Blessed Mother to families, to jails, hospitals, neo-natal centers, schools, work places, and where she wants to manifest herself as Mother and Queen. At the Nuevo Tabor wayside shrine The convocation was Saturday, 11April, on the grounds where the Ermita Nuevo Tabor [New Tabor Wayside Shrine] is located in Corrientes, capital of the homonymous province. SisterRead More
by Davide Russo, Roma • Two new missionaries, at the Shrine of Belmonte, have received the solemn blessing at the beginning of a new pilgrimage journey to many other families in Italy. The Rosary Campaign grows more and more, along with the hope that many people can receive the good seed of the Word and to approach God the Father. The Mass ended with the encouraging words of Don Daniele, Rector of Belmonte: “You go forth, and leave everything else … everything else will be taken of by our Mother.Read More
ITALY, Gisela Ciola. Today is a day of celebration for me because today the Pilgrim MTA went out on her first mission! Therefore I am celebrating with great joy, and I want to wholeheartedly share this overflowing joy with all my Schoenstatt brothers and sisters; it is the first time I am sharing something this beautiful!Read More