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by Maria Fischer, with material from several agencies • “Do like the Pope, raise funds for the poor and for works at the service of others,” a German Schoenstatter commented during a dialogue about what to do for works of mercy during the Year of Mercy, not having time or a “concrete call from the periphery” in their surroundings. He is right, to give alms indirectly is a work of mercy, and furthermore, one of the very few, concrete works of apostolate mentioned in the statutes of the Schoenstatt ApostolicRead More
FRANCIS IN AFRICA, by Maria Fischer • The news about the three deaths in a Bangui parish was mentioned to the Pope. He asked: “Can I go?” Bishop Juan José Aguirre of Bangassou related, “This morning with all the joy occurring in Bangui, with all the overwhelming joy present… yet, just a kilometer and a half from the place where the Pope had lunch with the bishops, three people were killed in the Fatima neighborhood.” “I was with the Pope, and I told him: Your Holiness, this morning three peopleRead More
Francis in Paraguay, María Esther Duarte, Ciudad del Este • At the same moment the Pope arrived in Paraguay, my children, Miguel, Enrique, Ester, and I arrived at the airport in Asunción beginning a series of many unforgettable and emotional moments. Greetings and glances As we traveled through the streets and before we knew it, we had arrived in front of the Youth Shrine, where we parked. We walked to the roped off area, where the Holy Father would pass (in the Popemobile) on his way to the Apostolic Nunciature.Read More
PARAGUAY, by María Fischer of the editorial team • As on so many other occasions, these were the most touching moments of Pope Francis’ “marathon of love” in Paraguay: the meeting with his favourite groups – the children, the poor, the sick, prisoners, the elderly, those on the peripheries. There was an air of great expectation in front of the Acosta Ñu Children’s Hospital. People had been gathered around the hospital since three in the morning to see the Pope. The Pope described the example of “trust,” “joy,” andRead More
Dining halls for the poor, dormitories, evening classes, shelters, family guidance centers, and centers for reintegration of convicts– an initiative a month Rome. In the Vatican dicastery for the New Evangelization and in the Vicariate, they are working on twelve “signs of mercy” that Francis will give the capital during the Holy Year. They will be gestures carried out by the Pope, and they will have a lasting effect in Rome. They are inspired by the spiritual and corporal acts of mercy indicated in the Gospel. That is to feedRead More
By Editorial Team • The website, ANSA, reported that Pope Francis will open a homeless shelter near the Vatican. The structure, which will provide 30 beds, was located after searches and inspections at the intersection of Via dei Penintenzieri and Borgo Santo Spirito. The renovation is still in progress at the site. Over the past months, Pope Francis has had public showers installed and a barbershop set up at the Vatican for the homeless. At the showers, every “homeless pilgrim” received a package with a towel, underwear, soap, deodorant, toothpaste,Read More
Pope Francis has invited a group of homeless people from Rome to go to Turin to pray before the Holy Shroud, which will be on exhibit in the city until June 24, the Vatican newspaper, “L’Osservatore Romano” confirmed. Pope Francis wanted to offer these pilgrims, without resources, the opportunity to participate in this event.He financed the trip for two buses for those who often live and sleep beneath the columns of Saint Peter’s Square and its surroundings. He did it through the management of the Vatican almoner, Konrad Krajewski, whoRead More
VATICAN, Sr. M. Elizabet Parodi. I've just returned from St. Peter's Basilica. It was packed, as it always is when the Holy Father celebrates a liturgy. Today, two years since he started his pontificate, Pope Francis presided over a penitential liturgy. During the homily, in which he spoke about how God never tires of forgiving us, he announced that he had made a decision: with words that seemed to come from the depths of his heart he said that he was proclaiming a 'Holy Year of Mercy' which will beginRead More
ARGENTINA, Maria Fischer. Francisco de Buenos Aires [Francis of Buenos Aires] is a documentary that depicts the life of Jorge Mario Bergoglio from the point of view of his loved ones and those who know him best.  This film will reach Argentina’s cinemas on the eve of the second anniversary of the election of the Argentinean Cardinal as Pope, and it proposes to make Pope Francis known through his life, his words, and by the testimony of those who know him best, but basically for his management during the firstRead More
VATICAN (ACI). Weeks after Pope Francis’ visit to Sir Lanka on January 13th–15th, this Asian country’s press echoed the Holy Father’s gesture of charity that he quietly carried out toward the neediest in that country, where 40% of the population lives in conditions of poverty.Read More