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PARAGUAY, by Mima Cardona – “Mass on 1 May at Tupãrenda” (8) • On a Sunday like many God our Father gives us. On the first Sunday of May, it was very cold; there was a blue sky and a radiant sun, in which the warmth of love overcomes the cold morning. We are already well-accustomed to Fr. Antonio’s homilies where he always highlights the love of God and our Mother and Queen who shelters us in her maternal heart, giving us the warmth of a home. This time heRead More
PARAGUAY, by Gisse Peralta • A weekend learning a lot about Kentenich Communication: In Tuparenda on Friday, 30 April, approximately twenty Paraguayans, a Brazilian, and a Chilean–all communicators– met with Maria Fischer, a Schoenstatt communicator, who is in charge of the website. The objective was to talk about Kentenich Communication based on Maria’s research regarding the MTA Magazine, the bulletin that Fr. Kentenich sent to the sodalists during the war. The workshop lasted until Sunday, 1 May. On Friday, she showed us the first two moments of Kentenich Communication:Read More
PARAGUAY, by Sandra Lezcano • The Joseph Kentenich retreat house alongside the Schoenstatt shrine in Tupãrenda — between Itauguá and Ypacaraí — hosted the first Kentenich Communication Workshop, attended by Schoenstatt communicators from Germany, Brazil, Chile, and Paraguay. The workshop was inspired by and brought to life in celebration of the 100th anniversary of the publication of the first MTA magazine – created by Fr. Kentenich – and based on Maria Fischer’s thesis. The workshop took place between 29 April and 1 May. It was a dream come true andRead More
PARAGUAY, by Fr. Antonio Cosp • While the more than 24 participants of the Kentenich Communication Workshop prepared their “24 stories of the same Holy Mass on 1 May in Tupãrenda,” they received an inspiring greeting from Fr. Juan Pablo Catoggio, the president of the Schoenstatt General Presidium: “I am very happy that you have gone ahead with this Kentenich Communication Workshop. I want to congratulate you and encourage you for this initiative for all who are participating and those who have made it possible. Often it pains us thatRead More
PARAGUAY, by Sandra Lezcano – Mass on 1 May at Tupãrenda (7) • During the 1 May Sunday Mass celebrated by Fr. Antonio Cosp, I could not help but think about how many stories were gathered there in Holy Mary of the Trinity Church. It made me realize the dimension of Schoenstatt’s richness in the Blessed Mother’s allies’ witness of life. Now I ask myself, what am I contributing to others with my life story? Photos: Cássio Leal, Sao Paulo, Brasil Original: Spanish. Translation: Celina M. Garza, San Antonio, TXRead More
PARAGUAY, by Sandra Lezcano • Firmness and Tenderness. This is the title of a book by Fr. Antonio Cosp and I cannot find a better title to express the way the Blessed Mother educated me in the first week of May. A few months ago Maria Fischer wrote to me, telling me that Paraguay would host the first Kentenich Communication Workshop. Filled with immense joy, I made myself available to help out in any way I could. The Blessed Mother had already planned what my task would be – to welcomeRead More
PARAGUAY, Mónica Enciso Arrúa – “Mass on 1 May in Tupãrenda (5)” • On the way to the Santa Maria de la Trinidad church to celebrate Sunday Mass, we were chatting with other members of the Professional Branch about the Seminar on Kentenich Communication about the gifts that some saints and priests have of laying hands and healing the sick. At the time, this was one of many conversations we had during our retreat. Arriving at the church, I was taken aback by the large and beautiful image over theRead More
PARAGUAY, by Estelita Franco – “ Mass of 1 May at Tupãrenda” (4) • During the last weekend of April, I had the opportunity to participate in the Kentenich Communication Seminar led by Maria Fischer at Tupãrenda. In addition to everything that was beautiful and enriching at the seminar, on Sunday, we participated in the Holy Mass at 9:00 a.m. at Holy Mary of the Trinity Church. People who know Tupãrenda know that in order to reach the Shrine from the retreat house there is a long and picturesque littleRead More