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Planting the mandarin tree of communication

PARAGUAY, by Gisse Peralta •

A weekend learning a lot about Kentenich Communication: In Tuparenda on Friday, 30 April, approximately twenty Paraguayans, a Brazilian, and a Chilean–all communicators– met with Maria Fischer, a Schoenstatt communicator, who is in charge of the website.

The objective was to talk about Kentenich Communication based on Maria’s research regarding the MTA Magazine, the bulletin that Fr. Kentenich sent to the sodalists during the war. The workshop lasted until Sunday, 1 May.

On Friday, she showed us the first two moments of Kentenich Communication: enthusiasm and experience. Departing from these, selfless service develops that represents communication using this style of communication.

“Obviously, now every time we see a mandarin, we will recall the workshop”

I am going to plant a mandarin tree

During the workshop, we had a clear comparison with the mandarin. “If I like the mandarin, I am going to plant a mandarin tree, and I want everyone to plant one too. My communication should invite others to plant their mandarin trees with freedom,” Maria told us.

The way to invite others to “plant their mandarin tree,” in Kentenich communication is through witness by narrating true stories, and thus, continuing to write the Gospel. Kentenich communication is also framed in the culture of encounter (covenant culture) and the motivation is always the love of others.

All the participants were left with the task of discovering these experiences in our day to day lives, and to share them without preaching, simply giving witness with our life, and with a renewed attitude of selfless service.


Rafael Vera: A truckload of communication that will spread to many points

Source: Revista Tuparenda, mayo 2016

Original: Spanish. Translation: Celina M. Garza, San Antonio, TX USA – Edited: Melissa Peña-Janknegt, Elgin, TX USA

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