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PARAGUAY, by Gisse Peralta • A weekend learning a lot about Kentenich Communication: In Tuparenda on Friday, 30 April, approximately twenty Paraguayans, a Brazilian, and a Chilean–all communicators– met with Maria Fischer, a Schoenstatt communicator, who is in charge of the website. The objective was to talk about Kentenich Communication based on Maria’s research regarding the MTA Magazine, the bulletin that Fr. Kentenich sent to the sodalists during the war. The workshop lasted until Sunday, 1 May. On Friday, she showed us the first two moments of Kentenich Communication:Read More
FRANCIS IN ROME – HOLY YEAR OF MERCY • It’s not about knowing what chocolate is, what ingredients it contains or where it comes from. Only by putting the chocolate into your mouth and tasting its sweetness, can you encounter chocolate, an encounter that makes you want to share and give others chocolate…It’s not only about knowing mandarins, eating and tasting them. One needs to plant the mandarin tree. The concrete step to action, to the real. This lesson from the Workshop on Kentenich Communication in Tuparenda fits in withRead More
by Leti and Martín Pereira, Paraguay It’s in the small everyday things that the Blessed Mother gifts us with the greatest blessings, or as João Pozzobon use to say: “Mother takes care of everything.” We are Leti and Martín and we have been married for almost eight years. We live in Asunción and are parents to Mariana, the girl with mandarins for the Pope and who is about to turn five, and Juan Martín who is 11 months old. We are Schoenstatt Pilgrim Mother Campaign missionaries and belong to theRead More