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I remember the day the flame began to burn

PARAGUAY, Mónica Enciso Arrúa – “Mass on 1 May in Tupãrenda (5)” •

On the way to the Santa Maria de la Trinidad church to celebrate Sunday Mass, we were chatting with other members of the Professional Branch about the Seminar on Kentenich Communication about the gifts that some saints and priests have of laying hands and healing the sick. At the time, this was one of many conversations we had during our retreat.

Arriving at the church, I was taken aback by the large and beautiful image over the altar depicting the Holy Trinity and the Holy Family: I could not take my eyes off it even thought I had seen it before.


I remember that my life had changed from that day onwards

During the Eucharist I was very touched when the beautiful choir that accompanied the Mass began to play “Déjate” [Allow yourself], a hymn where Jesus calls us and asks to allow ourselves to be filled with his spirit.

Then I realized that the conversation about gifts, the beautiful image over the altar with a dove, together with the “Déjate” hymn were moments that spoke about the Holy Spirit and reminded me of the first time I felt that my life had changed from that day onwards.

It was lovely to go back in time and live this moment when the fire began to burn and touched my life. I was able to see how I have grown, everything I have done and remember the great gifts I received from the moment and still continue to receive.


Photos: Cássio Leal, Sao Paulo, Brasil

Original: Spanish. English Translation: Sarah-Leah Pimentel, Cape Town, South Africa

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