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Maria Fischer • The small bunches of flowers attached to the pews in the Original Shrine were still there from a wedding in the afternoon of 10 June, but they fitted to this simple and beautiful Holy Mass on the eve of Trinity Sunday. In an around the shrine a colourful group of families had gathered to celebrate this feast of the Blessed Trinity, which provides us with a standard for the way we deal with one another, and for our actions today, particularly in politics, globalisation, medical advances andRead More
Maria Fischer • After almost two months, on a sunny afternoon in the month of May, I finally returned to physically go on pilgrimage to the Original Shrine.  I did not go alone, although at that moment no other pilgrim was seen approaching that chapel where more than 100 years ago, a young priest and a handful of teens went out to renew the world. In my purse, I carried approximately 1,000 letters to the Blessed Mother sent over the last two months via that button “Letters to the BlessedRead More
ORIGINAL SHRINE, Fr. Afonso Wosny • The International Boys’ Youth that will be in the International Leaders’ School at Schoenstatt introduce themselves. Beginning 11 July, twenty Schoenstatt Boys’ Youth from the from five countries will be living close to the Original Shrine for a month for a great training experience, international unity, deepening in Schoenstatt spirituality and pedagogy, and at the pastoral service of the Original Shrine giving life, joy and spirit of service to our source of origin. Some of these youths introduce themselves and tell us what theyRead More

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She’s back!

By Maria Fischer, written on 13 May, while Pope Francis canonized the little shepherds in Fatima, and with material from Fr. Esteban Uriburu’s book: “João Luiz Pozzobon, Peregrino y misionero de María” • After more than two years on pilgrimage and working in Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay, on 9 May, the day Fr. Esteban Uriburu (1937- 1998) would have been 80 years old, she returned to Schoenstatt to be entrusted into the hands of her new custodian, Fr. Egon M. Zillekens, the Rector of House Marienau. She is the PilgrimRead More
Fr. Afonso Wosny, Brazil • Many people from our International Schoenstatt Family who were at the 100th anniversary of the Covenant of Love in Schoenstatt fondly remember with gratitude all the support, enthusiasm and dedication they saw in the youth volunteers who worked the Jubilee celebration, and surely dream that that presence of the youths from many countries is still maintained around our original source in Vallendar. School of international leaders of the Boys’ Youth at the Original Shrine – July 2017 Thinking about it and remembering that our workRead More
SCHOENSTATT/PARAGUAY, Sebastián Denis • Sunday, 8 January, was a day of special graces for Schoenstatt. On 8 January, Paraguay and many other countries celebrated the Feast of the Lord’s Epiphany. In Schoenstatt, Robert Gonzales, a Paraguayan, lawyer, member of the Judicial Branch, member of the Men’s Branch, and member of the Prison Ministry who is in Germany studying German to apply for a Master’s Degree, sealed his Covenant of Admission as a novice of the Brothers of Mary Institute at the Tabor Shrine, the Shrine of the men’s column. LetRead More
Fr. Martin Emge • On the night of 29 December, an especially bright star was over Mount Schoenstatt. Schoenstatters from all the Branches and Communities gathered at the Father Kentenich House, in our Father’s spirit. Just like the wise Three Kings, the wise men of the Institute of Priests imitated their founder, and they sought the stellar moments of the past year in Schoenstatt as well as on Rome’s most beautiful hill. Belmonte’s Wise men The first Wise man arrived from the Swabia region of Germany– Pastor Armin Noppenberger, oneRead More
Maria Fischer • “Then, I opened the door, and I found myself before the Blessed Sacrament. After this long trip through cold and darkness, tired and without even knowing if I would find the Shrine, I found her myself, illuminated this this warm light. It was time for Eucharistic Adoration, tears fell, and I did not care about anything else… I arrived and there was only joy within me, simply joy, within me; it is Christmas.” Gabrielle Pietro belongs to the Schoenstatt Girls’ Youth in San Antonio, Texas USA. SheRead More
Maria Fischer and Fr. Egon Zillekens • “Today an elderly lady told me that she prays the Rosary for our intentions in the early evening because it is too late and dark at 8 p.m.!” Fr Zillekens said on Thursday evening during the first hour of prayer for vocations for Schoenstatt. This intention, which was publicised in a letter from Fr Juan Pablo Cattogio on behalf of the General Presidium to all the Schoenstatt communities, was obviously already well known. All who are not present can always join in. ConcernRead More
Maria Fischer • The title of one book could be translated as “Outdated Model”, or it could also be “Setting sail”; the other book is entitled “Living with Mary”. Both are about the Pope from the “end of the world”, the Pope without a doctorate or a career in the Roman Curia, who with his message of mercy creates a holy upheaval in the church – an upheaval that feels like the Holy Spirit after Pentecost. Both books and their messages formed the focal point of the day of recollectionRead More