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WYD2016, by Sebastián Denis • “We prayed at the memorial that Pope Francis will visit tomorrow”, the youths from Paraguay commented on the afternoon Thursday, 28 July. “That morning we went to Auschwitz and could not return in time for the Pope’s welcome because the visit to the concentration camp is by numerical order and ours happened to be on that day and it is far away.” Situated some 43km west of Krakow, Auschwitz was the main extermination centre in the history of Nazism. It is estimated that 1.3 millionRead More
GERMANY, By Maria Fischer • Cologne on “Sunday, the only 31 July 2016, the day that will never be repeated”, the good-humoured train driver of the Rhein-Sieg Express announced at 12.23 p.m. to help his passengers get over their frustration because of the delay. “If we trust in God we will still catch the connecting train in Siegen.” At that moment those taking part in the pilgrimage on foot with “Trust in God” had been walking for more than an hour through heavy showers of rain through Cologne towards BrühlRead More
WYD2016 ORIGINAL Shrine, by Maria Fischer • On Thursday, 21 July, I approached the place that is so precious to every Schoenstatter with an envelope containing more than a 1,000 letters, written over the last few weeks, to the Blessed Mother in the Original Shrine. It was a sunny and peaceful day, although youth groups on their pilgrimage toward World Youth Day in Krakow should already have been there. But it was just the opposite– no one was around the Original Shrine. Petitions and encounters How much love, how muchRead More
WYD2016/SPAIN, by and M. Fischer • A large group of Schoenstatt Boys’ Youth from Spain, Portugal and several Latin American countries participating in World Youth Day with Pope Francis and other youths from around the world, has already departed after meeting in Madrid – the site of the Boys’ Youth’s unforgettable “Unanimiter” [Unanimously] gathering on the eve of WYD 2011. On 18 July, approximately 150 boys departed from Serrano Shrine on the way to Krakow; they also went on pilgrimage to Schoenstatt’s Original Shrine (Germany). Around eighty-five from theRead More
POLAND, by Mateusz Glasek • World Youth Day in Krakow is drawing near, and this is a perfect time to present the Schoenstatt Youth Day project. Polish Schoenstatt Youth, inspired by previous meetings preceding WYD, embarked on this event. Every year young Polish people meet at the end of the summer to prepare themselves for the next formation period, education and growth in faith and grace. This time turned out to be the chance to share this experience. Having World Youth Day in Krakow gave us an impulse to create anRead More
VIS/ editorial team• “Blessed are the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy” is the theme the Holy Father has chosen for the Message of the 31st World Youth Day that will take place in July 2016 in Krakow, Poland; the text of which can be found below. Once again, Pope Francis is very practical: he calls on the youth to make an act of mercy each month during the Jubilee of Mercy. “I would suggest that for the first seven months of 2016 you choose a corporal and aRead More
CUBA, by Juan Vicente Escobar, Misión Cuba of the Chilean Boys’ Youth, relating how they experienced the Pope’s Francis’ visit to Holguín • Over here the Pope revolutionized everyone. When he arrived in Cuba, the parish bells rang and the entire community saw his arrival on Fr. Bladimir’s television. The youths departed Sunday morning at 7:00 a.m. We traveled in three buses, and there were about 120 youths, who were picked up on the way because they were from the entire province. It was very tiring, but the atmosphere wasRead More