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Towards the Gathering of World Youth Day in Krakow

WYD2016/SPAIN, by and M. Fischer •

A large group of Schoenstatt Boys’ Youth from Spain, Portugal and several Latin American countries participating in World Youth Day with Pope Francis and other youths from around the world, has already departed after meeting in Madrid – the site of the Boys’ Youth’s unforgettable “Unanimiter” [Unanimously] gathering on the eve of WYD 2011.

On 18 July, approximately 150 boys departed from Serrano Shrine on the way to Krakow; they also went on pilgrimage to Schoenstatt’s Original Shrine (Germany).

Around eighty-five from the Girls’ Youth departed on 20 July, for the same purpose, accompanied by the Sisters.

Greetings from the Ibero-American Boys’ Youth “setting out for WYD”

“Yes! They left! They packed their suitcases and then everyone went to the Shrine for the sending out. They are ages 13-22. One bus of pioneers and one of university students along with Fr. Juan, Fr. Jaime, a Cuban priest, and two from Brazil.

Around 2:30 everyone formed a circle outside the Shrine. They sang, “Your mission, we want to build the desire of a holy land,” with guitar slowly, beautifully. The Portuguese arrived with Fr. José, who left Lisbon at 5:00 a.m., Fr. Juan prayed, and then holding hands they sang Franz Reinisch’s Hymn loudly, some in portuñol [a hybrid of Portuguese and Spanish]. They sang Happy Birthday to Fr. Jaime and to Juan Pablo del Santo, and they tossed both of them on a blanket and then onward to the bus…”

A beautiful sending out.

“The young men, happy.”


Original: Spanish. Translation: Celina M. Garza, San Antonio, TX USA – Edited: Melissa Peña-Janknegt, Elgin, TX USA

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