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GERMANY, Sabine Merdes and María Fischer • “Dietershausen is facing its most sorrowful time since many decades – this coming Sunday the first Sisters of Mary will be leaving and the whole village is shocked. … Now it is certain and you can read it in the local newspapers…” That was the initial reaction at the beginning of October when the news reached the media and the Schoenstatt Family in the diocese of Fulda. As a result of combining provinces, the current provincial centre of the Schoenstatt Sisters of MaryRead More
By Maria Fischer • Thursday, 14 October, at the Original Shrine, “Who does not understand German?” asked Fr. Egon Zillekens at the beginning of the night blessing. Although this tradition is not established in Germany, it is something known and valued in other countries in the midst of the novena for 18 October: For many, who gathered in the Original Shrine on this night, there is a tradition that night after night for many years now has gathered youths and adults from different countries who happen to be at SchoenstattRead More
GERMANY, by Birgit Brömmel • It was a cloudy day, but my friend and I did not want anyone or anything to change our minds about our plan. The trip to Kevelaer pilgrimage place had been planned for some time, and these few clouds were not going to spoil our project, and most of all, because my friend was coming from a place where the sun was shining. So we went, without umbrellas or a jacket… This is how we began our pilgrimage. Meanwhile, the closer we got to Kevelaer,Read More
Interview with ACIprensa, published 25 August, by Martha Calderón and Walter Sánchez Silva • In the first interview granted after his election as General Superior of the Schoenstatt Fathers, Fr. Juan Pablo Catoggio, a 61 year-old Argentinean priest, speaks of the challenges for this spiritual family present in more than ninety countries that is marked by a profound love for Mary. The Argentinean priest is the second Latin American to hold this position, and he succeeds Fr. Heinrich Walter, who led the Institute for twelve years. In dialogue with ACIPrensa inRead More

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Where is heaven?

GERMANY, Memhölz, by Maria Fischer • Sister Ingrid-Maria did not stop looking at the weather forecast until the beginning of the celebration. Very heavy rains were forecast for that Sunday morning. With confidence and ignoring this gloomy prediction of rainy grey clouds, she allowed the benches to be set up in front of the Shrine for Holy Mass. The Solemnity of the Assumption of Mary into heaven: a celebration in Schoenstatt on the Mount in Memhölz that is traditionally attended by the church choir and many visitors from surrounding areas,Read More
Today, Father Elmar Busse (*1951) answers: He has known Schoenstatt since his childhood, because his parents belonged to the first course of Family Federation in the German Democratic Republic. The Friedrichroda Schoenstatt Center in the region of the Thuringia Forest (Shrine blessed in 1954) was his spiritual home. Since there were no priests for the Schoenstatt youths, he made the decision, along with other adventurous students of theology, to found the community of Schoenstatt Fathers in then East Germany. This became a reality on June 18, 1978, after a longRead More
GERMANY, Maria Fischer in interview with Renate Immler • If you want to invest in a vision, you will often have to share the fate of Moses. After he had led his people for decades contrary to all human reasoning through the desert to a promised land, and the profit and loss account pointed clearly to a “false investment” of time and strength and gratitude, the land came in sight – only he, Moses, who had always believe in it and given his all for it, did not experience theRead More
GERMANY, Maria Fischer • “Caught!” was clearly written in Margit R’s face when Gertrud and Norbert Jehle spoke very practically and graphically about “listening and looking” on Saturday, 27 June, during the Jour Fixe for leaders at Memholz, Germany. These are decisive elements of observation when dealing with colleagues. The little, practical exercise during which Margit R’s face showed she had been caught, gave rise in other participants to a whole palette of emotions from “This can’t be happening!” to a smiling, “It really is my turn!” The exercise consistedRead More