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ITALY, by Pamela Fabiano • The Roman family participated in the Covenant of Love of three girls from the Girls’ Youth on 18 December, at Cor Ecclesiae Shrine, Via Aurelia Antica, Rome. It had been several years since a Covenant of Love had been celebrated within the Italian Girls’ Youth, and not because the Blessed Mother had not called the girls’ hearts to herself. The desire to entrust their lives to the Blessed Mother, will all that it entails, and to allow themselves to be educated by her, was veryRead More
FRANCIS IN ROME • “For the Church, to be missionary does not mean to proselytize: for the Church to be missionary means to give expression to her very nature, which is to receive God’s light and then to reflect it,” said Pope Francis during his homily on the Feast of the Epiphany of Our Lord, during Mass in St. Peter’s on 6 January 2016. Reflecting on the words of the Prophet Isaiah directed to the holy city of Jerusalem: “Arise, shine; for your light has come, and the glory ofRead More
FRANCISCO in the USA, with press agencies • A challenging historical conference from a Church that sets out to encounter those who control the destiny of the planet and of millions of people. It was a conference filled with political impact similar to the visits to Strasbourg and Paraguay, in an encounter with those who build society. The address was broadcast live in full around the world, not only in the church media but also on TN24 in Argentina and Phoenix in Germany. For the first time, a Pope spokeRead More
PARAGUAY, by María Fischer, with Fr. Pedro Kühlcke • “After having read the Gospel, Orlando drew closer to greet me and told me: ‘I ask you to pray for the freedom of each one of us, of everyone.’ This is the blessing that Orlando asked for each of us. This is the blessing that we now ask together: freedom.” This is how Pope Francis began the most spontaneous speech of his trip through South America on Sunday 12 July. “Orlando, the youth that made the Pope change his speech,” wereRead More
By the editor • During the Mass celebrated on 8 July at the Parque del Bicentenario in Quito and dedicated to the evangelisation of people, Pope Francis reflected on two fundamental concepts necessary in proclaiming the Good News: freedom and unity. Francis challenged the faithful to make the Word of God known, not with “grand words, or complicated concepts, but with ‘the joy of the Gospel.'” He once again highlighted the importance of “unity” so that the “world may believe.” “Evangelization does not consist in proselytizing, but…attracting by our witnessRead More