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Gabriel Hermanos de Maria
BRAZIL, Gabriel Figueiredo • It all began in 2016 when I met Manfred Worlitschek and the community of the Brothers of Mary at the National Meeting of the Boys’ Youth in the city of Cornélio Procópio, Paraná. Since then, we have stayed in contact and I have learned more about the community and its beautiful mission. — With time and conversations, I began to think: Could this be my place? Maybe this is my destiny… How can I give myself fully to the service and the work of the MotherRead More
VATICAN, Roberto González • In December,  we have received from Father Eduardo Aguirre the news from  the Congregation for the Cause of the Saints, that the process for beatification of Mario Hiriart, Schoenstatt Brother of Mary, has been viewed favorably by the theologians – who studied and rendered the decision – that Mario lived the Christian virtues heroically.  This was put into writing and signed this last December 8th.  His process now goes to the Assembly of Cardinals and Bishops – of the same Congregation – who must discuss ifRead More
ORIGINAL SHRINE, Maria Fischer • “In the life of the Church the laity has the front seats. Their witness to the truth of the Gospel is essential. It shows us how faith and solidarity are lived in practice. I am grateful for all the laity who courageously risk their lives, who are not afraid, and who give hope to the poorest people, the excluded who stand at the margins.” A courageous statement during a family-like and international celebration of the Schoenstatt Institute of Brothers of Mary at the contract-consecration ofRead More
BRAZIL, by Roberto M. González • The idea for this article began almost a year ago with another approach, but in view of recent events, it will be a tribute to Manfred M. Worlitschek, a Schoenstatt Brother of Mary, who died on 30 January 2019. — Manfred’s life can be divided in two parts: The first half: his birth, studies, and entering the Schoenstatt Brothers of Mary Secular Institute, and the second half, when practically beginning again from scratch, he freely decided and jointly with the community to leave hisRead More
On the death of Dr Hans-Dieter M. Czarkowski, Maria Fischer • Right at the end the press officer and journalist once again got a really great press coverage: Adveniat dedicated a press release to him, Dom Radio Köln and Rhein-Zeitung reported: On 16 July, the Feast of “Our Lady of Mount Carmel”, and the anniversary of the foundation of the Institute of Schoenstatt Brothers of Mary, Dr Hans Czarkowsi died at the age of 76.— His objectives and initiatives were many and varied – Ernest M. Kanzler’s obituary gives someRead More
Maria Fischer • A group of priests and religious who are presently studying German in Kreuzberg – Bonn – visited Schoenstatt this past August 18 to get to know a place and a Movement within the universal Church. “Dear future bishops, nuncios, general superiors…” and in the midst of the confusion of those present: “dear brothers and sisters” and then the ice was broken and even more so when the priests and religious from Asia, Africa and Latin America were doted upon in the cafeteria with cappuccino and cookies.  OnRead More
SCHOENSTATT/PARAGUAY, Sebastián Denis • Sunday, 8 January, was a day of special graces for Schoenstatt. On 8 January, Paraguay and many other countries celebrated the Feast of the Lord’s Epiphany. In Schoenstatt, Robert Gonzales, a Paraguayan, lawyer, member of the Judicial Branch, member of the Men’s Branch, and member of the Prison Ministry who is in Germany studying German to apply for a Master’s Degree, sealed his Covenant of Admission as a novice of the Brothers of Mary Institute at the Tabor Shrine, the Shrine of the men’s column. LetRead More