Madrugadores Córdoba

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Born in pandemic and with a lot of strength

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In the midst of a pandemic and forced quarantine, the Madrugadores of the Holy Christ began their community with an enthusiasm that only Mary and the Holy Christ can inspire. With a paced growth, these men have great goals and not a few achievements. Their dream: to continue to grow and reach more men’s hearts! —

God acts through second causes

A visit to the then Archbishop of Córdoba, Mons. Carlos José Ñañez, motivated the Secretary of the Audience to express her interest in having Madrugadores in the Parish of the Holy Christ, which her community attends. Sister Marlene Sanchez, did not finish expressing her desire when a date was already set for the first meeting, logically virtual.

Madrugadores Córdoba

The quarantine ends… The in-person early mornings begin!

Madrugadores CórdobaThey describe how happy they were on that first early morning… It was like getting to know each other again, since the ” picture ” of the ZOOM only shows a part of the person. The in-person experience allows not only to see the whole person, but also to get to know each other better, to interact, to admire the richness and to exchange the different dreams. Some of those who were before, no longer are today, others have joined later.

This is the typical dynamism of a community when it begins until the final one is established, which allows us to enjoy and be anxious between one early morning meeting and the next.

The parish family in full spirit with the Madrugadores

Happy, they prepared their Anniversary “Madrugada” (early morning meeting) with all the details, inviting the parish family, naturally the Poor Clare Missionaries of the Blessed Sacrament in the first place, as well as Fr. Daniel Tejeda, to celebrate this important event with them.

They took care of all the details, considering each of the “3M” of Madrugadores… The MASS (Rosary, Eucharistic celebration and Adoration), the MESA (table), (with cakes, sodas and many other delicious things) and the MISSION, to reach many male hearts to present them to MARY.

The exchange was something truly excellent and the moment of the blessing of the image of Our Lady of Schoenstatt that the founder of the Madrugadores in Cordoba gave to the Father on behalf of all the people of Cordoba was something truly touching.

Undoubtedly, in the Madrugadores of the Holy Christ, in the city of Cordoba… THERE IS A TEAM!

Madrugadores Córdoba

Original: Spanish 2022-04-13. Translated by: María Aragón, Monterrey, México

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