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My experience as a Madrugador

CHILE, Patricio Young M. •

Some time ago, I wrote a column titled “Madrugadores nos Madrugaron [We Madrugadores are early risers]” in Schoenstatt Vivo, in which I explained how they have made many of Schoenstatt’s desires a reality. I discovered everything talking with Madrugadores, since I had not participated in this current until recently.

I had the honor of being invited by the organizers to experience their 15th Gathering, which was held in Chillán between 20 – 22 October. I decided to experience it from the first to the last day, since I wanted to learn more in depth about this current.

A kaleidoscope of personalities

The approximately 700 Madrugadores from about 100 communities all over the country, from Arica to Punta Arenas, showed me a renewed Church, simple and committed.  They are from all social backgrounds, from rural areas to cities, from the coast to the mountains, from large cities to the country’s far-flung regions.

Fr. Marcelo Aravena, who also shared the experience, commented to me how surprised he was, and he said that here “Just the minimal necessary for organization, the maximum for cultivating the spirit” was carried out here.

In effect, the organizational community placed all their efforts in accomplishing a great event for this many people. The natural difficulties were handled with generosity, without complaint, and motivated by the desire to experience the richness of the encounter during their time of prayer and reflection.

Like Mount Tabor

Here I was able to experience “See how they love one another,” and also why not build a tent and stay here? I knew very few of them, but I experienced sincere fraternity with many, who willingly opened their hearts and communicated their feelings.

The desire for pretense was non-existent as was attention seeking or seeking recognition. There was only a willingness to give of oneself, sacrifice, and profound faith.

I sincerely experienced the Schoenstatt of which our Father dreamed; it was a real community with a sense of mission. In my final reflection, I asked myself why I had been touched so much, and I realized that it reminded me of what I had experienced fifty-three years ago during my early days in the Movement.  The great love for Mary, the strength, vitality, giving of self and the radical commitment, thanks to her, to be new men willing to build a better Chile.

Today, as another Madrugador, I should thank the Lord and our Mother for this magnificent experience, and with greater knowledge, I reiterate that it is time for our Family to reflect because the Madrugadores have beaten us to it.

Source: Magazine “Vínculo”, Chile

Original: Spanish. 14 December 2017. Translation: Celina M. Garza, San Antonio, TX USA Edited: Melissa Peña-Janknegt, Elgin, TX USA

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