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Ernest M Kanzler
By Roberto M. González/mf  • Death is not a strange “coincidence” for all of us, but many times the quickness of it leaves us stunned, and in times of pandemic, where this virus has taken so many people very quickly to the kingdom of heaven, it does not cease to be something that surprises us. On December 23rd, on Christmas Eve and the first days of the Year of St. Joseph, Ernest M. Kanzler, Superior General of the Institute of the Schoenstatt Brothers of Mary, died. — “Exactly two weeksRead More
Octavio Galarce hombres
Interview of Octavio Galarce, Chile • We interviewed Ocatavio Galarce within the framework of the consecration of the first course of the Men’s Federation in Chile. He is a member of this first course, lay adviser for the Men’s Branch, Founder of the Madrugadores, editor of “Vinculo” magazine and a collaborator for —   Recently his course, the first of the Men’s Federation in Chile celebrated its perpetual consecration, that is, they committed to live the Schoenstatt charism as men and allies. What does it mean? – With theRead More
On the death of Dr Hans-Dieter M. Czarkowski, Maria Fischer • Right at the end the press officer and journalist once again got a really great press coverage: Adveniat dedicated a press release to him, Dom Radio Köln and Rhein-Zeitung reported: On 16 July, the Feast of “Our Lady of Mount Carmel”, and the anniversary of the foundation of the Institute of Schoenstatt Brothers of Mary, Dr Hans Czarkowsi died at the age of 76.— His objectives and initiatives were many and varied – Ernest M. Kanzler’s obituary gives someRead More
ARGENTINA, Carlos Cappelletti • I do not know if you remember me from some previous article…today I want to share my testimony and the life that is generated in the men attending “Los Madrugadores.” I am Carlos Cappelletti, group coordinator for the Madrugadores of Schoenstatt’s Blessed Mother of the city of Nueve de Julio, a province of Buenos Aires, Argentina. — I try, as much as possible, to attend daily Mass. In our city’s Cathedral as well as in the many churches where I have participated in the Eucharistic celebration,Read More
CHILE, Patricio Young M. • Some time ago, I wrote a column titled “Madrugadores nos Madrugaron [We Madrugadores are early risers]” in Schoenstatt Vivo, in which I explained how they have made many of Schoenstatt’s desires a reality. I discovered everything talking with Madrugadores, since I had not participated in this current until recently. I had the honor of being invited by the organizers to experience their 15th Gathering, which was held in Chillán between 20 – 22 October. I decided to experience it from the first to the lastRead More
ARGENTINA, Carlos Cappelletti • In the measure that the group of Madrugadores in Nueve de Julio, Argentina, which was founded in 2014, grew our illusion increased. With complete confidence, the Blessed Mother showed us the way. We began to focus on inviting those men, who had left the sacraments under different circumstances. In many cases, it was about broken marriages; in the group, they found a place to belong, a space where no one asks anyone questions. We are fortunate to have three people from another religion (the older brothers),Read More