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Growing with well-being and comprehensive development

URUGUAY, Juan Andrés Nopitsch

The Providencia Educational Center in Montevideo, Uruguay, a great project of the Schoenstatt Movement in this country, concluded the first year of the implementation of the Responsible Education program of the Fundación Botín. This program offers tools to the educators to work on the healthy growth of the students, enhancing their talents and creativity, as well as their communication and sharing skills, to help them to be happy, autonomous and competent in solidarity.

Preparing for responsible education      

The joint road began in October 2016. On this occasion several educators from all the Providencia Educational Centers participated in the first training. “It was a three-day intensive training. It was very valuable, it helped us to discover the program and to see its potential jointly with the team”, Fabián Roizen, director of Providencia School, explained.

After this training, during the last months that remained in the year, some resources from Banco de Herramientas (Tool Bank) were applied at the Children’s Club as well as the School and the Youth Center. “The idea was to begin to implement the program with all its richness in 2017. We spent time in coordination and class schedules to implement it”. During the first semester in the School we worked with the Banco de Herramientas, while during the second semester we joined the Coro de las Emociones (Group Singing) and the Recurso Literario (Literary Process).

The tools of personal growth

Through the Banco de Herramientas, Fundación Botín proposes ideas and educational resources for the promotion of the comprehensive well-being and development of the student. Many of the activities have audio-visual support that help and foster the participation of the little ones. “During the coordination, we decided to work on 3 dimensions: affective, cognitive and social”. Within the affective dimension we concretely worked on self-concept and self-esteem, making decisions and a positive attitude toward health. As to the social dimension, we worked on skills of interaction, self-affirmation, assertive opposition.

Coro de Emociones is an educational resource designed to develop emotional, social and creative competencies through group singing, which constitutes the objective of the Responsible Education program of Fundación Botín.

Through the Recurso Literario the student’s interest and curiosity for tales, stories and characters is used to work not only on reading; but also on emotions.

The aim of the three resources are to work on the emotional intelligence of the students, that is, their ability to understand, identify and to manage their own emotions and those of others.

Celebration and sharing to close the year

To conclude a great effort of joint work the Fundación Botín celebrated the closing activities in the Teatro Movie with an artistic demonstration. “It was a very beautiful, colorful and joyful experience, where we shared with other centers and we celebrated everything that was accomplished. At the level of Providencia we could take firm steps applying the program with all its resources. It was a great challenge for us, because it was the first time that we applied a program of emotional intelligence in a systematic and coherent way, distributed among several educators through coordination”, Fabian commented.   

Thanks to Fundación Botín for this opportunity to enrich our educational skills. We are certain that 2018 will find us taking firmer steps together with the sole  purpose  of providing comprehensive education for our little ones.

Original: Spanish. 14 December 2014. Translation: Celina M. Garza, San Antonio, TX USA. Edition: Mary Cole, Manchester, UK


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