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More than 100 businessmen and executives at the third Congress of CIEES

MEXICO, by María Fischer •

The date for the CIEES [Ibero-American Congress of Businessmen and Executives] is enthusiastically awaited; it will take place November 5-7, in the city of Monterrey, Mexico, with more than 100 participants from 10 countries, in addition to a small delegation of guests from IKAF [International Kentench Academy for Executives]. “We trust that with everyone’s participation, this will be a success; closely attached, sharing experiences so that the covenant culture will be a light of hope in our business”, Raúl Treviño, from Mexico wrote.

Thursday night, 5 November, there will be a welcome cocktail at the President Intercontinental Hotel; and the congress will begin on Friday, 6 November, at 8:00 a.m. with a Holy Mass celebrated by Archbishop Rogelio Cabrera at the Industrial Club. The congress will conclude on Saturday, 7 November, with a Holy Mass at the “María, Camino al Cielo” [Mary Road to Heaven] Shrine, followed by a closing dinner at Horno 3.

The participation of representatives from “His Way at Work”, from the United States, as well as that of Editorial Nueva Patris from Santiago, Chile will be something new.

Headquarters for the congress: Club Industrial, Monterrey


The objective of the Congress consists in continuing with the process of discernment of the Schoenstatt businessman and executive’s vision through the subjects of Authority, Solidarity, Covenant Culture, Leadership and their practical application.

That the participants be aware that these congresses are a part of a road and that they may bond listening to Father Kentenich’s call from the Shrine to be apostles spurred by grace, committed to work for the crusade of organic thinking, loving and living to be heart of the Church (Mission of the 31st of May).

santuario de schoenstatt monterrey

“María, camino al cielo” Shrine

“Corporate” capital of grace

The preparation for the congress began at the close of the previous congress, which was held two years ago, in November 2013, in Costa Rica. Gatherings, sharing via email, Skype and Whatsapp made the intense participation of others easier.

Preparation was also intense through prayer and capital of grace. The subject of capital of grace in the life of a Schoenstatt businessman has worked, resulting in concrete points that transform the aims of the congress into offerings to the MTA, with contributions to her capital of grace:

As an active member of CIEES, I offer capital of grace in my work environment always having the Blessed Mother and Father Joseph Kentenich present, fulfilling, as far as possible, the principles and values that characterize a Schoenstatter.

I will work with honesty, loyalty and respect for my collaborators, partners, providers and clients as a part of the capital of grace.

I will attach myself to the Shrine and I will pray for the business and its workers, accepting God’s will at all times.

Preparation will begin on 26 October with a novena to St. Joseph.

Monterrey, Mexico (Wikipedia)

Complete program here.

Original: Spanish. Translation: Celina M. Garza, San Antonio, TX USA



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