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COSTA RICA,  Rudolf Sauter and Fabian González • As businesspeople or executives, one of the most ambitious projects that we can have is to take God, along with the Blessed Mother, into our workplaces. There are a number of limitations preventing us from openly demonstrating our faith in the workplace without affecting coworkers that profess other religious beliefs or do not like to mix work with religion. The Comunidad Internacional de Empresarios y Ejecutivos Schoenstattianos (CIEES) (International Community of Schoenstatt Businesspeople and Executives from Costa Rica has proposed developing toolsRead More
MEXICO, Jaime Septién via • February 3rd, this year, Mr. Lorenzo Servitje Sendra died at the age of 98.  He was one of the most successful businessmen in the world and a committed Catholic whose true success lies in an organization like Grupo Industrial Bimbo, which can only measure itself by its Christian values, lived out interiorly. He was considered as “the greatest baker in the world,” since 3% of the world’s population consumes Bimbo products, especially the classic loaf of bread.  But in Mexico, he is also rememberedRead More
ARGENTINA, AICA • Businessmen who are saints? Businessman, manager, executive as a Christian vocation? Development of a new social order from economics? The Holy Spirit says yes, through the real story of Enrique Shaw, an Argentinean businessman. Joseph Kentenich says yes with the idea of everyday sanctity. The prefect of the Congregation for the Cause of Saints, Cardinal Angelo Amato SDB, celebrated Mass for Servant of God, Enrique Shaw, this Sunday at the Metropolitan Cathedral to commemorate a new anniversary of the death of a person who could become theRead More
MEXICO, by María Fischer • The date for the CIEES [Ibero-American Congress of Businessmen and Executives] is enthusiastically awaited; it will take place November 5-7, in the city of Monterrey, Mexico, with more than 100 participants from 10 countries, in addition to a small delegation of guests from IKAF [International Kentench Academy for Executives]. “We trust that with everyone’s participation, this will be a success; closely attached, sharing experiences so that the covenant culture will be a light of hope in our business”, Raúl Treviño, from Mexico wrote. Thursday night,Read More
PARAGUAY, Dequeni Jubilee Magazine • Dequení is 30 years old, and throughout its history, four presidents have led its board of directors: Alberto Sallustro, Alberto Gross Brown, Fernando Talavera, and Beltrán Macchi. This is a special time; Dequení invited them to a meeting with the children at the Casa de Acogida [The House of Welcome], and they shared their feelings and experiences. They are businessmen, but at Dequení, they are first and foremost volunteers. Alberto Sallustro is the president of Sallustro y Cia. “I have five children, ten grandchildren, andRead More