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Preparing Schoenstatt’s contribution to the WYD in Panama

WORLD  YOUTH DAY PANAMA, Fr. José Luis Correa and Maria Fischer •

Towards the end of May 2018, the Schoenstatt Fathers responsible for the Boys’ Youth in the USA, Mexico, Ecuador, Chile, and Paraguay met in Panama, together with Fr. José Luis Correa, for a day-long working meeting to plan themes linked to the presence and active participation of the Schoenstatt Youth at WYD Panama 2019. —

The headquarters of the Schoenstatt Spirituality Centre is San Francisco de La Caleta parish, served by Fr. Romulo Aguilar, a Schoenstatt Diocesan priest who has made his covenant of love and was recently appointed as the Schoenstatt Archdiocesan Coordinator in Panama. Fr. Romulo encountered Schoenstatt’s Pilgrim Mother Campaign in the 1970s when he met Fr. Esteban Uriburu, who invited him to Buenos Aires to learn first-hand about the mystery of Schoenstatt and Campaign. Since then and over the course of many years in isolation, he remained faithful to what he had learned, or rather, what he had made his own and brought to life, and formed a small Pilgrim Mother group in Panama. He always dreamed about what has now come to pass: with the help of the Family in Costa Rica, Schoenstatt is flourishing in his country.

Three days of Schoenstatt work at the WYD

Fr. Jesús Ferras, from the Schoenstatt Fathers, together with a team responsible for coordinating and ensuring Schoenstatt’s offering during the afternoons of Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday of the WYD in this parish (time for prayer, discussions, confession, library and a shop selling religious articles, etc). Anyone who wants to take a slot to be present at the venue and lead one of these moments of prayer, hand out material, etc can contact Fr. Jesús and the team directly at: [email protected]

There is already accommodation for our youth

During the preparatory meeting, the leaders went Belisario Porras College, where the principal welcomed and accompanied them to show them the space that would be at the disposal of the Schoenstatt Youth. The space consists of two two-storey buildings with 16 classrooms, where our youth can be accomodated. The building facing the street will be the female residence under the care of Sr. M. Amparo Villouta, the responsible for the Girls’ Youth in Colombia and Costa Rica and whose email is [email protected]

The building facing the courtyard will be for the boys and Fr. Pablo Gajardo from Ecuador will be responsible for the house, and he can be contacted on [email protected]

The school is 5 minutes away on foot from the parish (1 km) and just a little further to Parque Omar, where confessions and the vocational stand will be located.

The Schoenstatt programme during WYD

On Monday 21 January in afternoon, we will offer Mass at 7pm at San Francisco de la Caleta parish for all those who want to attend.

On Wednesday afternoon, 23 January, we will offer an open meeting (Marian Festival), which we hope will be included in the WYD participants’ handbook. This will take place outside in the parking lot in front of the parish. Fr. Santiago Cacavelos from the Schoenstatt Fathers in Paraguay will be responsible for this event. Once more, if anyone wants to contribute something (especially music), please contact Fr. Santi directly:[email protected].

On Saturday 26, before leaving for the venue of the vigil and closing Mass, we will offer a concelebrated Mass at the school before breakfast.


Groups and delegations belonging to the Schoenstatt Youth who want to stay at Belisario Porras College, are asked to register in the Macro Grupo Schoenstatt (password: schoenstatt183) and when choosing their package to state that it includes accommodation, either package 1 or 2.

Prior meetings in Costa Rica

Those who want to participate in the earlier meetings that will be held next to the San José Shrine, Costa Rica (HINENI, offered by the Costa Rica Girls’ Youth and IGNIS, international meeting of the Boys’ Youth), should communicate directly with the respective contacts:

Lucy Gacel – Email: [email protected]        Telephone: +506 8710-3238

Mauricio Álvarez – Email: [email protected]   Tel: +506 8931-7678



Schoenstatt WYD Panama 2019


Dr. Belisario Porras School, Panama City. Calle 74 Este (near the ATLAPA building = Atlantic Pacific Convention Centre)

Schoenstatt Center
San Francisco de La Caleta parish
Parish priest: P. Rómulo Aguilar
Location: San Francisco, Coco del Mar. Calle 79 Este y Avenida 5B Sur.






Person responsible

Monday 21

Mass 7

San Francisco La Caleta Parish

Tuesday 22

WYD Opening ceremony

Wednesday 23


Friday 25

in the mornings at the Schoenstatt
Spirituality Centre

San Francisco La Caleta

Fr. Jesús

Wednesday 23

‘Marian Festival’

6.30 pm

Parking lot
San Francisco la Caleta Parish


Thursday 24

In the afternoon: Welcome to the Pope

Friday 25

In the afternoon:

Stations of the Cross

Saturday 26

Holy Mass before leaving for the Vigil



Sunday 27

Closing Mass WYD

From Wednesday 6 June to Sunday 10 June, Pauli Aguayo from the Girls’ Youth in Santiago de Chile (currently supporting the Girls Youth’ from Costa Rica) and Fr. José Luis Correa represented Schoenstatt at the second WYD preparation meeting in Panama. We prayed for them and the contributions they made towards the best possible organisation of this international meeting.

Original: Spanish, 8 June. Translation: Sarah-Leah Pimentel, Cape Town, South Africa

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