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Towards World Youth Day in Panama, as Schoenstatt Youth


It seems like the Costa Rican Schoenstatt Shrine, the newest one in the whole world, was blessed just in time for the World Youth Day 2019 (WYD 2019), which will be held in January 2019 in the neighboring country of Panama. Like all Schoenstatt development, the Schoenstatt Family from Costa Rica is also giving Panama a helping hand for WYD to welcome Schoenstatt Youth from all over the world that want to participate together in this great celebration of encounter with Pope Francis. —

A registration manual for the WYD is offered for this purpose. It is important to clarify that the group of pilgrims created will be part of the Schoenstatt macro-group; Fr. José Luis Correa Lira is in charge. 

International gatherings of the Schoenstatt Youth

Before WYD, there will be international gatherings of Schoenstatt Youth to which everyone is cordially invited:

  • IGNIS COSTA RICA 2019 for the Boys’ Youth
  • Networks:
  • Instagram: igniscostarica2019
  • Facebook: IGNIS Costa Rica 2019
  • Email:
  • + info: Mauricio Álvarez (contact below)
  • HINENI COSTA RICA 2019 for the Girls’ Youth
  • Networks:

For more information:

In the coming months there will be more information about WYD 2019 in Panama and about the Schoenstatt Youth gatherings. With this article and the Registration Manual, we are opening a ”WYD 2019” news category on with translations of its website, and where all the news about WYD 2019 will be posted in the future.

Registration Manual in English with english translation of the spanish screenshots (pdf)


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