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Conquer and allow the Blessed Mother conquer oneself

PARAGUAY, Naty and Gustavo Insfran •

The year that we were at the home shrine level was very special for us, since we were chosen as group leaders, and we lived it very intensely. Since last March, we proposed preparing our home shrine, and we handcrafted it with our daughters, involving the whole family. We decided to build the little home for the Blessed Mother ourselves, and once it was finished, we began the task of conquering the symbols, thus each one gave their little grain of sand toward its conquest. —

The awaited day for the blessing of our home shrine arrived. We had mixed feelings and the Blessed Mother made herself present every step of the way. Since that day the shrine became our favorite refuge, our little piece of heaven at home. We spend a lot of time as a family in the place that she chose to establish herself, and we are sure that it is the best.

Every family member relates to our home shrine in a different way. For example, some greet her upon awakening, others bid her farewell as they leave, and as the day passes at a certain time, we contemplate her together, as a family, and we offer her some Hail Marys.

Some of the moments we have gone through since the day we welcomed her into our home were filled with happiness and others of sadness, but all of us offer ourselves to her, that fills us with peace, she helps us, and she shelters us with her maternal love.

“The changes we saw in our family since she established herself were perhaps subtle at the moment, but then we began to realize how her presence was transforming us.” The strength we receive to get ahead in what the day to day presents flows from the shrine, and with this giving of hearts, as Fr. Kentenich said, she will not be outdone in generosity. No matter how small our giving of self, she knows how to repay it with much motherly love.

One of the graces of the shrine that is manifested with greater intensity is sheltering, because we feel that she embraces us and gives us her motherly love. The home shrine is a wonderful blessing that we have received, and for this we thank Jesus for giving us his mother. We thank him, because through the light of the Holy Spirit that Fr. Joseph Kentenich received, the Movement grew in the world and it has brought the Blessed Mother’s picture into many homes.

We encourage couples who are at this level to conquer and allow themselves to be conquered by the Blessed Mother, that they take maximum advantage of such a beautiful level, and that they prepare themselves to open the doors of their homes and their hearts so that the special grace that emanates from the shrine flows in your midst. Everything is better once she is established there and makes it her home.


Source: Magazine Tupãrenda, Paraguay

Original: Spanish.  17 June 2018. Translation: Celina M. Garza, San Antonio, TX USA. Edited: Melissa Peña-Janknegt, Elgin, TX USA

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