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“A way to prepare for the Pope’s visit: his poor arrive before him”

Pope Francis has invited a group of homeless people from Rome to go to Turin to pray before the Holy Shroud, which will be on exhibit in the city until June 24, the Vatican newspaper, “L’Osservatore Romano” confirmed.

Pope Francis wanted to offer these pilgrims, without resources, the opportunity to participate in this event.He financed the trip for two buses for those who often live and sleep beneath the columns of Saint Peter’s Square and its surroundings.

He did it through the management of the Vatican almoner, Konrad Krajewski, who explained to “La Stampa” newspaper that this initiative is “a way of preparing for the Pope’s visit scheduled for June 21: his poor arrive before him.”

The first group of forty-five pilgrims departed last Thursday, while the experience will be repeatedthis week by another group of more than seventy people, also paid by Church charity funds, according to the newspaper.

It is another work within the framework of initiatives encouraged by Jorge Bergoglio to help the most needy.

That was the case of a group of destitute people visit to the Sistine Chapel and then to a dinner at the Vatican Museums, or the opportunity these people had for reserved seats at a concert held in the Vatican.

Also the distribution of 400 sleeping bags on the occasion of the Pope’s 78th birthday, on December 18, 2014, or the opening of three showers and a barbershop in February, to guarantee the hygiene of these people.

“We must feed those in difficulty, not just with bread, but also give them the chance to enjoy beauty – hence the visit to the Sistine Chapel – or to join other pilgrims in experiencing important moments like the Ostension of the Holy Shroud,” Krajewski said. (Vatican Insider, June 7, 2015).

Original:  Spanish.  Translation:  Celina M. Garza, San Antonio, TX USA

Source: Agencies/Religion Digital

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