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The afternoon when heaven touched Earth


In a short while, Paraguay would have her first blessed, the venerable Carmelite, Servant of God, María Felicia de Jesús Sacramentado, also known as Chiquitunga. What should we do? How could we take part in this celebration? How could we miss this historic event? Why not be part of this gift from heaven? How could we miss the opportunity to celebrate holiness? —

These questions motivated us and made us think of how we, as Schoenstatt Family, could connect and actively participate in this celebration we felt would be for all Paraguayans.

We thought how beautiful it would be to share that afternoon all together, sharing the excitement of having a Blessed Paraguayan with one another.


Our plan pales before God’s plans

To carry out this desire, we decided to have buses available for the Schoenstatt Family that would take us more comfortably and safely, thereby allowing us to join the festive atmosphere from the start.

Our human dimension led us to devise that we would need one or two buses at the most, and guided by this supposition, we got to work. The Mothers’ Branch and the University Girls’ Youth made the separate arrangements on behalf of the Archdiocesan Family Council.

Shortly after extending this invitation, it was a great surprise then when the buses were filled.  Soon the numbers rose —first four, five, then six, ending with seven buses and more than 300 people registered! A real caravan developed, filled with people of all ages, from several Branches, from different parts of the country. There were even some mothers that came from Argentina for Pablito Martínez’ ordination, and took the opportunity to join us.

A shared joy

We went there loaded with balloons, pennants, joy, expectations, and above all, a great desire to experience that sensation of heaven touching Earth up close when an anointed, simple, and very human woman was raised to the altars, for her inestimable love for Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament.

Happy and encouraged by this spirit, we met more members of the Schoenstatt Family in the vicinity of the stadium where the Mass was to be held. And with the impetus that is proper of our Movement, we did everything we could in the “nothing without us”, so that soon the “nothing without you” would be evident, and thus enabling us to finally share a very beautiful afternoon, where even the weather cooperated, along with other thousands of souls, continuing to be touched by the testimonies and images of our beloved Chiquitunga’s life.

We left from there enkindled by the example of Blessed María Felicia, who invited us to live our day with her infallible formula, that took us to heaven itself: “T20S: Lord, I offer you everything.”

Blessed María Felicia, pray for us!

Original: Spanish. 2 July 2018. Translation: Celina M. Garza, San Antonio, TX USA. Edited: Melissa Peña-Janknegt, Elgin, TX USA

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