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Monterrey: Guardians of the Shrine

MÉXICO, by Claudia Ruiz and Rosario Rodríguez •

Our Shrine in Monterrey, Mexico, is located on the highest mountain peak, and to reach it, we have to travel a rather challenging route softened somewhat by the spectacular panoramic views we enjoy. The route invites us to leave comfort behind, and depart on a spiritual and physical pilgrimage—finding ourselves in a place of peace and relishing the silence and love of Our Mother. Over the years, great physical, economic, and spiritual efforts have been made to conquer it and now, we have to keep it alive and take care of it. —


A great challenge, a great gift

During these past few weeks, at the beginning of summer, the Monterrey Schoenstatt Family has tried to take care and keep the shrine open, so that everyone that wants to visit, can visit, since the former full-time caretaker has left. It has not been easy to completely cover the normal schedule when it is open to the public, although there is always someone who is willing and that has signed up to be a guardian of the shrine. The Boys’ Youth especially has been a great support, although all the other Branches have helped with this work as well.

However there have also been times when there haven’t been any volunteers, so I’ve had the privilege of covering those slots. This has been a great gift since I have had the opportunity to speak with the Blessed Mother, to thank her, pray…in a nutshell to be with her! I like to be there, many times alone, other times with some pilgrim. I have even taken the opportunity to clean a little, since it is out in the country, there is always something to do to keep it clean and beautiful.

When I am a little worried because there is no one to cover the entire schedule, I tell the Blessed Mother: “Touch the heart of whom you want to accompany you and to take care of your house today.” And she takes care!




A very special Covenant Day

My name is Rosario, and although I have been in the shrine many times, this Covenant Day was completely different, since along with a friend, I climbed up to the shrine on foot. The great difference was that as guardians we began our walk at 6:00 am in order to arrive early and open the shrine, covering the first hours. Since it was the 18th, we felt invited by our Mother to offer her a little more, to risk a little more for her.

She cannot be outdone in giving!

We began to climb the road using the light from our cell phone, and after walking a short way as the new day dawned, we could contemplate the mountains painted by the colors of daybreak that suddenly appeared in sight. It was a wonderful spectacle! We stopped from time to time to enjoy and express gratitude to our Mother that she chose this place for her house. God gave us a beautiful dawn that filled us with peace and tranquility.

Upon reaching the top, we were welcomed by the soft wind on our faces, which refreshed us and reminded us that we were entering a holy land. We opened the shrine; we both knelt closing our eyes and losing ourselves in our beloved Mother’s loving gaze. The sensation of being there has only one name: plentitude!


Original:  Spanish. 29 July 2018. Translation: Celina M. Garza, San Antonio, TX USA. Edited: Melissa Peña-Janknegt, Elgin, TX USA

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