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Like the stars in the sky

MÉXICO, Brenda López Garza •

It began with a yes. And before that, with a call. She called us because she wanted to work with our virtues, but also with our defects. She chose each one to complement the other and to be her hands for the project that she had in mind this year: to stay in a small community in Arramberri, Nuevo León, called “La Chona.”—

Two years and the work of many people helping prepared the road; hearts that were joyful, but also expectant. We knew the town; we did not know what would happen on this occasion, but we were sure that everything would be carried out according to God’s plan.

The day arrived. Forty-eight missionaries boarded the bus willing and hopeful. We met the same “Chona” as always: fresh, clean, with a beautiful blue sky, with familiar faces, and with a sensation of returning to a happy place. We prayed to the Blessed Mother from the bottom of our hearts that she would allow us to be like her and give us her strength, simplicity, kindness, love, peace and joy. Every day, in every Mass, in every Holy Hour, in every prayer…we prayed that she would make us her instruments in this mission.

Healing without knowing how

After introducing ourselves to people, we received a beautiful invitation: that we would go out to heal without knowing how. We did this in many ways: we gave hope, we built community, we re-established bonds, we created encounters, we shared our joy, we were family, we listened and we gave witness.

We did not do it alone. The Blessed Mother and her Son guided us on the road. They opened doors, they gave us the words, they gave us strength, they raised us, and they inspired us. Most of all, they gave us the good fortune of the company, guidance and advice of our priest adviser, Fr. Stefano and also Fr. Chuy, the pastor who opened the doors of his community with complete trust.

Our mission: to leave her in the town. And that is what we did, with our capital of grace, which was added to the capital of the people, we conquered her day by day. On par with the spiritual conquest, the children’s, youths’ and adults’ hands shaped the wayside shrine where she would remain to remind the inhabitants from “La Chona” that she is the great missionary.

A Family of families— that is what our Schoenstatt Family Missions are a priest, seven families, youths and children: domestic churches that were to be the Church and share the joy of God’s love.

This is how a week passed in which we gave much, but where we received much more, since the blessings we received upon saying “Yes” were as countless as the stars in the beautiful starry sky that we observed every night.

The Schoenstatt Family Missions were held from 14-22 July in the community of La Asención in Aramberri, Nuevo León.


Original: Spanish. 6 August 2018. Translation: Celina M. Garza, San Antonio, TX USA. Edited: Melissa Peña-Janknegt, Elgin, TX USA

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