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AUSTRIA, Martin Schiffl • October 30, 2022, a day of joy for the Austrian Schoenstatt Movement. The Schoenstatt shrine on the Kahlenberg (Vienna) turned 40 years old, that alone would be reason enough for a celebration, but there was something much bigger to celebrate. The new Schoenstatt Center has become a modern educational house, and the Schoenstatt Movement can now move into it. — In the last days and nights a lot of hard work was done, many things that seemed impossible became possible. More than 350 Schoenstatters from allRead More
AUSTRIA, Martin Schiffl via • When there is “full house” in the Formation Centre on the Kahlenberg, Vienna, and Auxiliary Bishop Franz Charl is sending out four couples as family trainers, there is a mission celebration. The fifteenth course of the Academy for Family Pedagogy at Schoenstatt am Kahlenberg, Vienna, has come to a glorious conclusion.— The couples have successfully completed the two-year formation as family trainers and are now ready to work for the Church and society. It was a great joy for Auxiliary Bishop Franz Scharl, asRead More

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Five times yes

AUSTRIA, Martin Schiffl • “I have a dream”. This is a well-known phrase from Martin Luther King’s historic speech. “We have a dream” could be the motto of the five young men, aged between 18-27, who gave their “Yes” on the morning of 18 August. — Like Martin Luther King, they not only dream of a better world; but also to build it with their strength and talents. They want to build a new society, a holy city, guided by Fr. Kentenich’s hand and united to the Covenant of LoveRead More
AUSTRIA, Martin Schiffl • In order to maintain a high quality for the Austrian Family Weeks (family plus holidays), the speakers meet annually for a multi-day workshop in Schoenstatt at Kahlenberg on the outskirts of Vienna. — This year’s workshop subjects were: How to discern our own longings and challenges How to stay in the Schoenstatt life-stream The spiritual atmosphere during the family weeks Training in Fr. Kentenich’s rhetoric What moves the participants during Family Weeks? Schoenstatt Family Plus Holidays have been the Austrian Schoenstatt Movement’s “core business” for decades.Read More
WYD2016 by Sebastián Denis and Maria Fischer • “Very tired, very impressed.” This is how the Schoenstatt Boys Youth of Paraguay introduced themselves on their return journey from the World Youth Day in Krakow. For many of them, it was their first WYD, and it had a powerful impact on them when they say the large number of youth, the flags, testimonials, songs, joy in faith, shared with thousands of youth from every country. Some have been once, twice, or three times. It is always incredible. And it seems thatRead More
AUSTRIA, Viena, by Tita Andras • It was exactly a week ago that I was on the return trip from Memhölz to Vienna having just participated in the first international gathering at Schoenstatt’s auf’m Berg Schoenstatt Center about Belmonte with a Schoenstatt group. What did this group have in common? Simply those present had hearts on fire for Belmonte, for the Center and for the Shrine of all of us. I had met some of the participants, Norbert and Gertrud Jehle, Albert and Alisia Bush and also Carmen and JürgenRead More
AUSTRIA, from Susanne Leibrecht via • One of the most current and visible signs of our times is without doubt the huge stream of refugees entering Europe. For Dr Stefan Keznickl, a Schoenstatter and former asylum adjudicator – it was the direct occasion to organise an evening at the Schoenstatt Centre, Kahlenberg, Vienna, on 15 October 2015 on the subject “People fleeing – what can we do?” It is a matter close to this lawyer’s heart to pass on facts and inspirations on this subject. He is convinced thatRead More
by Martin Schiffl, from Eight Austrian couples received their diplomas signed by Bishop Klaus Küng, and Father Felix Stässle sent them forth. These eight couples are now trained as Kentenich educators. They have studied and applied the pedagogy of Father Joseph Kentenich in a two-year course of the Academy for Family Pedagogy in Vienna. They have applied this training in their own families, as well as in a project of their choice. The celebration’s guests manifested surprise and admiration, when the “instructors” presented their projects. Here and there anRead More