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Chile, by Antonio Barschiesi Ferrari • On October 18, 2012, the Schoenstatt Family of Villa Aleman enthroned the picture of the Blessed Mother in a wayside shrine of the La Asunción Peña Blanca Parish located in the eastern sector of the commune. During these two years the Schoenstatters have integrated themselves into the life of the church with strength and joy. They have participated in the Parish Council, are in charge of some of the Holy Masses, collaborate in catechesis, health pastoral, workshops for parents, couples pastoral and a longRead More
AUSTRIA, Ingrid and Alois Neuhauser • The opening of the first Austrian Marriage Camino took place at Obritzberg, St Poelten Diocese, on 28 June. About four hundred people, among them families from the neighbouring dioceses of Vienna, Linz, Graz and even Hungary and the Czech Republic, came to share in a joyful celebration of marriage and the family. After the family Mass, prepared by the Schoenstatt families, nourishment for body and soul was served in the parish courtyard. The children enjoyed themselves with games in the parish garden. Special highlightsRead More
ROME – BELMONTE, by Maria Fischer • The Feast of Corpus Christi was celebrated at the Vatican on Thursday, in Italy, however, on the following Sunday,  and for that matter the celebration was also held the following Sunday at Santa Gema parish in Rome. Late in the afternoon of a very hot summer day, Santa Gema parish, whose real name is Santa Rufina and Santa Segunda, began to fill for the celebration of the Holy Mass with the faithful of the community and from the International Schoenstatt center at BelmonteRead More