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SPAIN, Paz Leiva • Fifteen Schoenstatters were able to attend the National Congress of the Laity, thanks to the good work and perseverance of Susana Arregui, from the Mothers’ Branch, and Manuel Carrasco, from the Family League. Both have been working for many years in ecclesiastical institutions without any support or assistance. Nevertheless, they obtained more places to participate, than they originally had. Three of us from the Family Federation are with Manuel at the Journey of the Secular Apostolate and he encouraged us to participate in the Congress. HeRead More
SPAIN, Miguel Lasso de la Vega • It has been a couple of years since Mary kindled a desire in the hearts of two Schoenstatt couples in Madrid— a desire to take the richness of its marriage pedagogy beyond Schoenstatt.— At the time, it was only an idea, the desire to move beyond the Shrine.  The two couples wanted to reach others who were unable, uninterested, or simply unaware of the need to draw close to God.   The missionary spirit had arrived in their hearts; it was the moment toRead More
HOW I EXPERIENCED WYD2019, PANAMÁ, Carmen Franco and Maria Fischer • Almost the entire parish was in full WYD mode as hosts to hundreds of youths for check-in, as a spiritual center, as the event organizer of the “Caleta Festival,” and so much more.  San Francisco de la Caleta parish filled this role in the days prior and during January’s World Youth Day 2019.  This parish, with its parish priest and vicar (a Diocesan Schoenstatt priest) were proud to be hosts to the Schoenstatt Youth in a nearby university andRead More
PANAMÁ, Fer Castro • The “Santa Marta” women’s group from Panama has been working very hard for several years to help strengthen Schoenstatt’s beginnings in that country. On 18 November 2016, the celebration of the first Covenant of Love group was held.  Twelve people (10 women and two men) sealed the Covenant of Love. (Photo above) A Pilgrim Mother celebration was held in the San Carlos community, province of Panama, on 18 October 2016, where pilgrims from Cabuya and Antón, Coclé province, have been participating in pilgrimages since 1993. ThereRead More
ECUADOR, by Fabián Eguiguren and Juan Carlos Terán J. • The Quito Schoenstatt Apostolic Movement has worked for three years in Jama – Manabí with their parish priest, Fr. Leonel Zapata, through the apostolate of the Family Missions. Their work is to visit towns and parish families, always in coordination with Fr. Leonel, supporting the parish priest and the catechist’s work of catechesis and collaborating with the training talks for the children and youths of the parish. The earthquake 16 April had a devastating effect in Jama, materially as wellRead More
PARAGUAY, Family Missions 2016, by Roberto Galeano Monti • Sunday, July 1-7, 2016– Our Lady of Victory Parish, Villa Hayes 9:40 a.m. – Blessing of a wayside shrine near the street in honor of Schoenstatt’s MTA closing the cycle of Family Missions. The church is on the other side. A group of youths set up a rosary made of balloons filled with helium in the midst of the people. 9: 44 a.m. – The youths launched the balloon rosary into the air. Everyone expected to watch how it rose toRead More
ARGENTINA, by Rosita Ciola • This year El Palomar experienced a wonderful Pentecost!  The Holy Spirit was intensely present and along with Mary left an extremely special gift… Mary, head of the Cenacle The community of St. Michael the Archangel, which belongs to Barrio Aeronáutico, departed from Morón and gathered around the Blessed Mother to implore the coming of the Holy Spirit.  Many missionaries from the Morón Diocese and other neighboring dioceses arrived, and after greetings, hugs and demonstrations of joy at reconnecting with so many beloved people, they tookRead More
ARGENTINA, by Verónica Presas • The crowning of the Blessed Mother, the capital of grace offered for more than twenty-five years at every Mass, every Rosary that was prayed and lived near her picture at the Parish Wayside Shrine, and the Covenants of Love sealed by hearts who are present today and those who are now absent, are bearing fruitful in Trelew, a city located in the lower valley of the Chubut River, in the department of Rawson in the northeastern province of Chubut in the Argentinean Patagonia. Fr. EstebanRead More
URUGUAY, by María Lluberas • Although not everyone sees it, many believe that the Salto wayside shrine was the Blessed Mother’s dream for many years, long before these past two years when we were working on “conquering” it strongly within the groups. Why do we believe this?  Because as the days pass, we are becoming aware of more stories that associate the Blessed Mother with this little square, this area, with the neighborhood and its people. Day of the blessing A dump– transformed into a shrine Let us recall:  TheRead More
AUSTRIA, by Karolin Schwaiger • In the history of the Schoenstatt Family of Upper Austria, the “Gathering Celebration” is already a tradition. This year it was celebrated jointly with Königswiesen parish. The event began with Holy Mass, and Chaplain Fr. Samuel celebrated in a very lively manner. To be happy as a family After the Holy Mass, the Stadlobers from Fohnsdorf, province of Styria, gave a talk at the “Karlingerhaus” center on the topic: Less = More – be happy as a family. The sharing of many examples from life,Read More