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PARAGUAY, Dequeni, Noelia Ferreira • In collaboration with Visión Bank, as part of the project “Women as Entrepreneurs, Promoting Children,” forty-six women and mothers were awarded certificates for successfully completing the manicure and pedicure course in a ceremony held at the Community Center 12 de octubre in San Antonio; each of the micro entrepreneurs also received a tool kit. — The communities where the project was implemented are located in a structurally weak area where the simple houses made of corrugated cardboard are hopelessly overcrowded and several basic needs areRead More
ARGENTINA, Fabiana Vargas, Tita Ríos • June ends with Mother’s Day and a visit of their advisor, Sister Maria Pilar Carrere. A very grey day with light drizzle did not prevent mothers from Crespo, Seguí and Paraná, coming together to reflect on what “Mary, Let us reflect your image and walk through life entirely like you: strong and noble, simple and kind, spreading love and peace and joy.” (which is prayed so often) means concretely each person’s life.— Mary is a woman of salt and light in her evangelical vocation;Read More
ITALY, Maria Antonina Rubino • “Being a mother today with Mary” is the desire of mothers who have chosen to follow the Sicilian Schoenstatt Mothers’ way. — Our daughters are Mary’s Apostles. And as mothers? How do we want to be following our little ones? This is just one of the many questions that were on our minds, and left us without an answer. Or rather sometimes, isn’t it more convenient not to seek those answers? That way we have an excuse to continue without choosing and validate the thinkingRead More
YOUTH SYNOD, Maria Fischer • On the feast of Our Lady of aparecida on 12 October – also the feast day of Our Lady of the Pillar – the Holy Father urged the Brazilian people to search for Our Lady “in the waters of their hearts, because she is Mother.” Lucas Galhardo, the impetus behind this greeting, said that the experience of this moment and the Synod as a whole, personally encourages him to pray more for the Holy Father. On 12 October at the Synod, Bishop Vilsom Basso, theRead More
PARAGUAY, Naty and Gustavo Insfran • The year that we were at the home shrine level was very special for us, since we were chosen as group leaders, and we lived it very intensely. Since last March, we proposed preparing our home shrine, and we handcrafted it with our daughters, involving the whole family. We decided to build the little home for the Blessed Mother ourselves, and once it was finished, we began the task of conquering the symbols, thus each one gave their little grain of sand toward itsRead More
PARAGUAY, Leticia Deggiovani Fariña • During the very difficult and sorrowful moment of her mother’s sudden death, Leticia Deggiovani Fariña felt that Mary the Mother Thrice Admirable of Schoenstatt, whom she already knew, ran to meet her.  — The Blessed Mother has come into my life at different times. Without being aware of her call, she was there, seeking me as her ally, and wanting to conquer my heart. I was not close to the Movement when I met her, although I always had the Blessed Mother present in myRead More
UNIVERSAL CHURCH, editorial team• An unexpected surprise was published on Saturday, 3 March: In a Decree from the Congregation for Divine Worship, the Vatican established that the memorial of the Virgin Mary as “Mother of the Church” will be celebrated every year on the Monday following the Feast of Pentecost. In countries like Argentina and Poland, this feast day is already included in the calendar “approved according to the norm of particular law, in the future it may continue to be celebrated in the same way.”—   The decree beginsRead More
GERMANY, Sr. Cordula-Maria Leidig • A small initiative, “Mothers who pray for their families,” was born in June at the Shrine of Loyalty to the Father in Wiesbaden, Germany.  After a long summer break, the second meeting took place on 27 September. This hour a month is truly a gift for mothers who work; during this hour, they allow the love of the Father and the Blessed Mother to flow in their hearts through praise, adoration and petitions. The hour passed quickly beginning with some hymns of praise, followed byRead More
FRANCIS IN ROME, AICA and editorial • At the Mass he celebrated in the house chapel of Santa Marta on the feast of Our Lady of Sorrows, Pope Francis highlighted that the Virgin Mary cares for us because she is the mother of all Christians and “the devil cannot enter” under her mantle. The Holy Father recalled that the early Russian mystics counselled seeking refuge under Mary’s mantle because “she is mother and protects like a mother.” “The West later took this counsel and the first Marian antiphon “Sub tuumRead More
ROME/THE VATICAN, by Fr. Rolando Gilbert Montes de Oca Valero, member of the Federation of Schoenstatt Diocesan Priests in Cuba, studying in Rome • The morning of 4 September 2016, in Rome, dawned differently.  There was a great movement of pilgrims towards St. Peter’s; they had come from all over the world.  Joyfully, I was able to recognize the Archbishop of Bujumbura, Burundi and many other Africans.  Flags from Australia and many European countries were waving.  I met Latin Americans from many nationalities that I was able to share with,Read More