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Elevate, change, transform my environment

ARGENTINA, Fabiana Vargas, Tita Ríos •

June ends with Mother’s Day and a visit of their advisor, Sister Maria Pilar Carrere. A very grey day with light drizzle did not prevent mothers from Crespo, Seguí and Paraná, coming together to reflect on what “Mary, Let us reflect your image and walk through life entirely like you: strong and noble, simple and kind, spreading love and peace and joy.” (which is prayed so often) means concretely each person’s life.—

Mary is a woman of salt and light in her evangelical vocation; her presence elevates, changes and transforms. The challenge for each person who lives in covenant with her is to be elevated, changed and transformed by her presence.

“Mary, let me reflect your image.” Make me strong, founding my life on firm foundations, on rock; noble, because I am a Daughter of God, I respect and respect others; simple, transparent, and not with any pretense, but kind, being compassionate to others, concealing other people’s defects, opening myself to others good ideas, being courteous, and anticipating the needs of others.

Mary cooks

A special note of interest: Lilia, our “mother chef”, expressed how she loves to cook, and so she found a way to show her love. She is tender, and her food not only satisfied our stomachs, but also filled each person’s soul. What a gesture of love!

The meeting was an enlightened moment of sisterly communion; joy and trust reigned. It served to strengthen our bonds, to encompass and fortify this beautiful group of mothers who seek to change, elevate, and transform their environment as Mary did.

Original: Spanish, 11 July 2019. Translated: Melissa Peña-Janknegt, USA

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