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The challenge of being mothers

ITALY, Maria Antonina Rubino •

“Being a mother today with Mary” is the desire of mothers who have chosen to follow the Sicilian Schoenstatt Mothers’ way. —

Our daughters are Mary’s Apostles. And as mothers? How do we want to be following our little ones? This is just one of the many questions that were on our minds, and left us without an answer. Or rather sometimes, isn’t it more convenient not to seek those answers? That way we have an excuse to continue without choosing and validate the thinking of others, thanks to those who want to feel less alone…

It is precisely through our daughters that many of us found ourselves seeking an answer, getting to know on another, confronting ourselves and why not? … Also loving one another. We have the best interests of our daughters in common and the mission of being guides and companions on the journey toward Mary and Jesus in a work that now only thinks about appearances and ignoring the essentials. A world that provides all the material goods, neglecting the spiritual good, the soul.

No longer feeling alone, but instead with Mary in the world, in our life.

With Mary we are learning to stop time and reflect on ourselves, to listen to our thoughts and finally, to dedicate time to understanding ourselves. It is true that sometimes we worry so much trying to understand others that we put off understanding ourselves. Only by nourishing our own souls and giving something to us can we understand and give to others.  And who better than Mary can come to our aid? In opening our hearts to her, we discovered by ourselves we’re very fragile women, but determined to overcome it. In our meetings with Sr. Julia, a guide and a companion on the journey, we happily have discovered how the Blessed Mother (is very much like us) having had so many difficulties, so many trials to conquer, and by trusting in God, she accomplished it.

As “Schoenstatt Mothers” we are learning to “occupy ourselves” and not just “worry”. Little by little we are abandoning ourselves in an attitude of confidence toward God. It is an attitude that requires much practice, and altogether, we are working very hard.

This our final objective: “No longer feeling alone but rather with Mary in the world, our life.”


Original: Italian. 25 November 2018. Translation: Celina M. Garza, San Antonio, TX USA. Edited: Melissa Peña-Janknegt, Elgin, TX USA

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