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By Francisco Pistilli, Bishop of Encarnación, Paraguay •   When mercy is talked about, one begins to think about many things….. I would like to mention something concrete about this year:  since it was God himself who placed us into this since this past February, in tune with the Jubilee Year.  As a result of the Paraguay River flooding, and the communities flooded in the Pilar zone, here in Encarnación especially there was a team formed called “Itapúa Solidarity” with initiatives from the Government, the City, the Rotary Club, theRead More
PARAGUAY, by Víctor and Stella Domínguez • As of May 30, 2016, the Ministry of Hope for divorced persons in a new relationship was 10 years old.  These have been years of many graces and blessings.  Blessed Mother opened her arms to embrace many people during these 10 years. We lovingly remember that first meeting in the Youth Shrine [Santuario Joven] where on a day like this past May 30th, we began our walk hand in hand with Jesus who gave us his blessing through dear Father Antonio who isRead More
Víctor and Stella Domínguez, co-founders of the Schoenstatt Apostolate of Hope for Divorced People in New Unions in Paraguay • The Apostolic Exhortation is a “long letter of the Pope’s love for families.” It is an extraordinary document: The Holy Father presents the reality of families but in the form of a love poem. We can even say that this document is a hymn to love. And this reality is inspired by the practical application of the Christian doctrine on the family. The family: “an irreplaceable good for society andRead More
BURUNDI, Diomède Mujojoma • The students of the Polivalente Secondary Institute (I.S.P.) went on pilgrimage to the Mount Sion Gikungu Shrine on the morning of the 27 May 2016. This wasn’t an ordinary pilgrimage; their main aim was to pass through the Holy Door of Divine Mercy. Their teachers and the principal accompanied them. Upon arriving at the shrine at approximately 9:00 a.m, they were welcomed by the sister who is responsible for the pilgrimages. She invited them to finish their pilgrimage by going in procession to the Holy DoorRead More
FRANCIS IN ROME – HOLY YEAR OF MERCY • Thousands of Catholics and pilgrims from many countries once again stood in St. Peter’s Square on 25 May to participate in Pope Francis’ general audience, continuing his series of catechesis on Mercy in the New Testament.  The Holy Father unpacked the theme of prayer based on the reading of a passage from St. Luke’s gospel (18:1-8). “Prayer does not work like a magic wand! It helps us keep faith in God, and to entrust ourselves to him even when we do notRead More
FRANCIS IN ROME – HOLY YEAR OF MERCY • “I remember once when we really saw that we often lack the ability to open ourselves up to grace and to the divine meaning of forgiveness and mercy,” explained Stella and Victor Dominguez a short while ago at a presentation to the pastoral ministers of the Archdiocese of Asunción. “Someone came up to us as we were starting the Pastoral of Hope and told us that what we were proposing was very unfair: a pastoral project for divorced people in aRead More
CHILE/PORTUGAL, by José Cravo • It’s been ten years since Gonçalo left Portugal for Chile to begin his postulancy and then his novitiate in Paraguay. It seems like it was yesterday. Actually, it was about 12 years ago when Gonçalo told us about his vocation to the priesthood and that he was going to enter the Institute of the Schoenstatt Fathers. It was a Sunday evening in February. The news was not a surprise for his mother. As for me, I didn’t sleep that night! Out of joy, uncertainty, emotion…andRead More

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The Good Shepherd

FRANCIS IN ROME – HOLY YEAR OF MERCY • During the General Audience on 4 May in St. Peter’s Square, Pope Francis once again condemned the throwaway culture and emphasized that God does not act according to this culture’s parameters, but rather as the Good Shepherd – who does not resign himself to losing even one of his sheep – he goes out in search for each one of his children, especially the greatest sinners and the most abandoned. He goes out to meet the lost sheep…”God’s action is thatRead More
FRANCIS IN ROME – HOLY YEAR OF MERCY • It’s not about knowing what chocolate is, what ingredients it contains or where it comes from. Only by putting the chocolate into your mouth and tasting its sweetness, can you encounter chocolate, an encounter that makes you want to share and give others chocolate…It’s not only about knowing mandarins, eating and tasting them. One needs to plant the mandarin tree. The concrete step to action, to the real. This lesson from the Workshop on Kentenich Communication in Tuparenda fits in withRead More
FRANCIS IN ROME — HOLY YEAR OF MERCY • Many Catholics and pilgrims from various countries again gathered in St. Peter’s Square on the third Wednesday of April to attend Pope Francis’ general audience, where he continued his catechetical series on Mercy in the New Testament.   Complete text of the Holy Father’s catechesis on 20 April 2016 Dear Brothers and Sisters, Good morning! Today we would like to stop and wonder at an aspect of mercy which is well presented in the passage we heard from the Gospel ofRead More