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CRUZADA DE MARÍA, José Argüello • On the morning of 20 January, at 7:00 am, after reflecting on our Family’s second milestone, we departed on the Cruzada de María (Mary’s Crusade) from the Mendoza Shrine. After a few minutes of walking on this Saturday, we encountered a group of four young people in a car at a corner; they were returning from a Friday celebration. A girl sitting in the back seat said in an Argentinean accent: “Chee…look at them…why are they so serious? No one is laughing?” This simpleRead More
LATIN AMERICA, José Argüello and editorial team• They are on the way! Amidst the great news about the Pope’s visit to Chile and Peru, and the theft of the MTA crown in Bellavista, in this year of the Youth and the first Synod about the Youth, another large event almost got lost: Mary’s Crusade, a Boys’ Youth from South America project. They congregated at the Mendoza Shrine in Argentina on the afternoon of Friday, 19 January. They celebrated the Mass of sending forth, then they departed on 20 January toRead More
CHILE/ARGENTINA, Fr. Claudio Martínez Felmer and the Editorial team • It seems that it was recently that everyone accompanied Mary’s Crusade for the blessing of a wayside shrine in the Andes. “The Blessed Mother of the Andes’ Wayside Shrine was blessed with a Mass and with receiving a great surprise from Pope Francis’ greeting and blessing. Its foundation collected the contributions of young boys and hundreds of “crusaders of solidarity” throughout the world. “We were so happy and excited!” the crusaders said, while Maria Tedeschi, the oldest “crusader ofRead More
URUGUAY, Javier Cerviño/ • This year the united family once again walked the 75 kilometers from Libertad to the Shrine of Nueva Helvecia, as an offering to our Mother Thrice Admirable of Schoenstatt. It was an experience shared by many with their hearts set on conquering the Montevideo Shrine. The family that supported the route, the missionaries who prayed 1,500 Hail Marys while they waited at the Shrine, along with Fr. Facundo, adviser of the Boys’ Youth all accompanied the strength of the youths of the Movement, the boysRead More