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Mary’s Crusade 2018: They’re on the way!

LATIN AMERICA, José Argüello and editorial team•

They are on the way! Amidst the great news about the Pope’s visit to Chile and Peru, and the theft of the MTA crown in Bellavista, in this year of the Youth and the first Synod about the Youth, another large event almost got lost: Mary’s Crusade, a Boys’ Youth from South America project.

They congregated at the Mendoza Shrine in Argentina on the afternoon of Friday, 19 January. They celebrated the Mass of sending forth, then they departed on 20 January to walk 400 kilometers through the Andes’ Range, in seventeen stages, arriving at the Bellavista Shrine in Chile on 5 February. This is a shrine that unites us so greatly during this time as a result of the theft of the Blessed Mother’s crown that Fr. Joseph Kentenich placed in 1949.

José Argüello and Andrés Romero, from Paraguay, two members of the Dreamteam, are participating in the Crusade, and they have taken the names of everyone, who day by day give their time and abilities to offer all of Schoenstatt an international communication service, and to create bonds of solidarity. With them, we are guaranteed to have news and testimonies about the Crusade, if God and connections allow it. We also know that each one of the visitors to is on the way with these 120 young men. Thank you, José and Andrés!



A few days ago, made the initiative “PrayforSynod” its own, extending an open invitation to the youths of age and heart, to pray for the Synod of Youth and to encourage others to do the same. José and Andrés now take the desire to pray with all the crusaders for the Synod – and send a photo of the initiative to the website!


Pray for Synod: are we going to unite with this great initiative?

Mary’s Crusade 2018! On the move!

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